Audio: Nia Waq’iah – UNIVERSE

Nia Waq’iah – UNIVERSE


WORDS FROM THE ARTIST, NIA WAQIAH: Universe was born out of my need to express the different types of music and sounds that are embedded inside of me. It is the first of many projects that represents my eclectic nature, my music debut. Universe is my way into creating art that is multilayered and diverse. The title is born from the first song I ever created. My song ‘Universe’ allowed me to dive in and explore my unique fusion. My goal was to do the same exploration with this album. This project weaves together synthetic & acoustic/live instrumentation, using the voice to highlight the tracks with catchy melody in order to showcase the voice as an instrument. It is a fusion of jazz, house, hiphop, afro-beat and acoustic soul sounds. The project also features the use of scatting and beat box. In its entirety it is a glimpse into what has been brewing in and around me for the last year and a half. The musical representation of my personal universe. I’ve been through plenty of changes and growth in that time and I have stepped out of my comfort zone to include a more rhythmic approach to music rather than melodic. Universe is my literal musical sphere and like our universe it gives birth to many inspirations simultaneously. Universe captures the essence of the smallest musical nuances while lyrically focusing on a bigger picture. It is one big lift off or movement towards something infinite, something greater than myself.


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