Audio: ML7102 – Ninety Four Feet Da Game #ml7102 @nbatv @espnmusic @infinito2017 @sportscenter #basketball #ncaa


Ninety Four Feet Da Game / The Natural key to success is to not be bothered by or concerned with another: ML7102 presents Being American Unpayable Debt Album, Expanded space inside underdeveloped promises a people searching for gold never found. The basis of an unpayable debt, unfound forty acres no mule is the reality of the displaced man on occupied sanctioned territories. Their leader’s mismanagement of government controlled programs known to general populations the domino effect is pain. ML7102 produces soulful space age patterns for the listener’s vibrations using sample free music to listen to commercial advertisements, movies and soundtracks. This project is a constant audible wide-ranging provider with endless compositional value. #75dab #marcellouslovelace #biko70 animated and art by Marcellous Lovelace Track listing: Ninety four feet da game (76 bpm) ghoulie scratch deep (129 bpm) Delete Their Internet Unfollow (80 bpm) produced and arranged by ML7102 mixed by Marcellous Lovelace recorded at Black Person In Phoenix Studio Catalog: JLHBAUD Key Instruments Used: The Clavia Nord Lead Novation Mini Nova 37-Key Synthesizer with Vocoder Roland VS-880EX Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 Digital Percussion Pad Yamaha FB-01 Adobe Sound Booth CS3 Boss VB-2W Waza Craft Vibrato Pedal Adobe Audition 1.5 AKAI Stereo Double Cassette Deck HX-A301W

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