Gang Gang Gang (What would the government do if White youth were organizing themselves into gangs) by Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta #BroDiallo

What would the government do if White youth were organizing themselves into gangs to traffic and distribute an illegal substance. If these White youth were doing drive-bys and killing each other to for territory and to sustain the profit from their elicit trade?

Would they invest in more and more prison construction? Would the implement stricter sentencing guidelines? Would the demonize these White gangstas, and give up on generations of these White youth?
Nope: They would legalized the illegal substance, decapitate the heads of the gangs and integrate the rest of the youth back into the legitimate economy. (Note: Some of the gangsters would be allowed to continue to operate, and the government would employ them to for many illicit activities; from drug running to assassination.)
What would the government do if White youth faced unemployment levels that were beyond 25%? If these youth were malnourished and poorly educated. If bands of White youth were in the streets, and throughout the nation, idle, and with no purpose or future?
Would they blame them and their parents for their poverty? Would they force them to compete for the few remaining, low-paying, low-skilled jobs remaining. Would the cut them off and simply incarcerate them when their desperate circumstances drive them to break the law?
Nope: They would create a universal jobs program that would guarantee a job any youth who wanted a one, along with a living wage. The government would invent work, or arranges with companies to pay the salaries of those the company hired.

They would literally pump money into the communities and the hands of citizens until there were back on their feet.
How do I know this? Because I read history. Study the history of The Prohibition Era,
Roosevelt’s New Deal, and the Works Progress Administration; you will find that the US government has very different responses to almost identical problems faced by the White majority and the Black minority.
So the next time you find yourself wondering ‘what’s wrong with Black people in America,’ you can understand that we are under a hostile, and non-responsive government.

There are solutions to our current problems, they just will not come from the government or the elite, but from within our community. The solutions are there, we just gotta be brave enough to implement them. by Diallo Kenyatta #DialloKenyatta #broDiallo

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