Music: Donald Mayhem – Black Turbulance (Limited Vinyl) #art @culturepower45 #culturepower45 #hiphop #vinyl #music @dadasoulface @thaionedavis

Black Turbulence by Donald Mayhem

Culture Power45 / Black Turbulence #culturepower45

The current state of affairs.
Tension is high in these modern times.
For some it seems to have always been this way.
That frantic energy pulsing thru neighborhoods across American soil.
The scales have been tipped beyond calibration.
Black Turbulence.
Black Turbulence.
The richness of culture which defines even the slightest flare of style and grace,
Yet draped in appropriation as the architects are dismissed and discarded.
The crescendo of mothers and sisters and cousins and brothers and uncles once silenced in the face of American exile.
The agony of carrots dangled.
The entanglement of pride versus power.

Combination bundle pack.
includes: Black Turbulence (7 inch) and Skywritters (full length cassette)

Recorded and Engineered by The Imagination of Ghetto Youth.
Black Turbulence | produced by Thaione Davis
Somewhere in Paris | produced by 5ifth Element
Crown Tipper ft. Race Bannon | produced by Kenny Keys
Cloak & Dagger rmx ft. Adad | produced by Dug Infinite
Additional design by Congo Square Design Grp.

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