Music: FLAMINGO HUSTLE by Donald Mayhem #thaionedavis @cutlurepower45 #music @dadasoulface #limitededition @thaionedavis #culturepower45

Flamingo Hustle by DONALD MAYHEM #culturepower45

Kettles of Excellence bundle includes:
-Limited edition 7 inch “Flamingo Hustle”
-Cassette edition Donald Mayhem – “Skywritters” album
-Limited edition Flamingo Hustle – “Fh” electric tee shirt
-buttons x stickers x collectibles

…Cause even if you had the secrets or abilities
To wave your hand and move the lands and drain the 7 seas
Would you pretend or would you camouflage for enemies
Or would you make em suffer for any and everything…



released October 16, 2020

Recorded and Engineered by The Imagination of Ghetto Youth
NIGHTMARE_mind games rmx produced by SLOT-A
24 TERABYTES_killer of sheep produced by Yarbrough
SLEEPWALKERS_chop lord rmx produced by Rashid Hadee
FLAMINGO HUSTLE produced by Original Supa Legend
Additional design by Congo Square Design GRP.
2020 Limited Edition
Culture Power 45

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