Music: Dion Brown – THESE WORDS Limited Vinyl 7inch + Cassette #art [CP45JOE201] #beats @culturepower45 #culturepower45 #dionbrown #hiphop #music #boombap art by @nappy9folics #HARVEYILLINOIS

Dion Brown – THESE WORDS Limited Vinyl 7inch + Cassette [CP45JOE201]
THESE WORDS Limited Vinyl 7inch. /Cassette: So many things we never verbally say, but we speak in a silent way. Sometimes it’s expressed by work or action. A happy smile can express it; the frustration on one’s face can speak it as well. This is an expression of words, covered in beats, by Dion Brown (Joe Left Hand Records)

7INCH Vinyl Track Listing
1. Baked Potatoe’s on Mother’s Day
2. Ending Close

Cassette Tape Track Listing
1. Whole Grain
2. The 2 of Us Are Not 1
3. SU Play Number 1
4. Slight Maneuver
5. Size Up
6. River Run North
7. Prepare to launch
8. Night and Day
9. An Evening In The Park
10. Track 21
11. Ending Close
12. Baked Potatoes on Mother’s Day
13. Don’t Let The Oppressor Teach Your Kids

© 2020 Dion Brown / Culture Power45
Produced by Dion Brown
Artwork by: Marcellous Lovelace
Mixed by JELANI (of PositiVe BlaCk NationLisT)
Recorded at the Soup Kitchen in Harvey Illinois /
Release November 2020 OUT OF PRINT

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