Music: @culturepower45 SoupKitchen | Jenora Rok #cutlurepower45 #hiphop #music

Shipping Mid May 2020 / Limited Edition 7″ (45 RPM) CP45721 SoupKitchen Present Day, western hemisphere, 24 degrees above the horizon. Already on the verge and approaching the tilt, Human Error in its splendor is on the rise. Jenora Rok. Defined by candor. Concise and unapologetic. Trace elements of grit, stripped down audio surveillance and tactical data. The silence behind the voice of reason. The shadows whisper clarity in between the notes. This is the prequel to the trilogy of The Undergods in their time of displacement. Commentaries and critique from a callous perspective. The black hazards. Raising the bar for black standards.

Produced by ThaioneĀ Davis
Catalog# CP45721



0001. soupkitchen

0002. hallogoodbuy


0001. 4sq. feat. Pugs Atomz + Infinito 2017

0002. return to forever

Out of print #cultureepower45

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