Music: ML7102 – Popculture Sucks #ml7102 #joelefthandrecords @joeleftpromo

Underwater we walk the land barefoot looking for a nice night time bottle of freedom. We call ourselves children with no plan, looking for the heat. Position gets more change but still broke. These Themes Recorded sound as narrated by Avalon Park bullet dodgers from crawling night. Young colored Poisoned minds listening closely cleaning cracks and buckets. Flying freelance dance moves from noisy tunnels covered in writers who love clean walls, yards and lines that style wild freaking out neatly covered face mask protection. We used to sing momma lord black Jesus helps us explain again basic computations from additional additions sounds composed and mixed by self.

Produced by ML7102 / CP45JOE204 / JLHPCS
(C) 2021 Joe Left Hand Records / Culture Power45 /
Limited edition release

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