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HappensExist by ML7102

No Digital Downloads Included: This is a limited 7inch version of a few tracks from the L.P. Happens Exist is a collection of Creativity, Happens Exist has already happened. Imagine going through the same struggle everyday of your life with no relief in sight, which is the truth that is faced by ML7102’s rugged underground production style on #Happensexist. Happens Exist is a moniker developed by Infinito 2017 that explains that the past has occurred; things that have been completed don’t need to be explained. The album has an intergalactic futuristic sound that exists in an apocalyptic time where rules don’t exist and time is limited. ML7102 production is real aggressive on this project that took over several years to conceive. The album features Infinito 2017, Nkruma Ochieng and Joe Left Hand Records artist making rare appearances. Remember once it Happens it Exists so don’t imagine or wonder just do and complete what you envision.

L.P. infinito2017.bandcamp.com/album/happensexist
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