Music: ML7102 – Fantasy World of Narcissism (outnow) #joelefthandrecords @joeleftpromo #aco #gtd

ML7102 – Fantasy World of Narcissism


01 Corners of A Woke Function

02 Learn Without the Internet

03 Reset Agenda

04 People People We

05 Cat Food Body PMS

06 None Existing Folklores

07 Sea Freight Lies Told

08 Frustrating Hustle Calling

09 Next Hue Lens sign Auto Fast

10 Deleted Digital Influencer

Inside the Fantasy World of Narcissism many will do anything to be accepted as a way of life but this leads to a quick death. Nothing inside a suffering reality should be wanted so bad you will offer your essence to fit in. The confused and misinformed will sale their children’s last breath for acceptance inside a Fantasy World of Narcissism. Through the clarity of ancient introspection and the narrative Black of Awareness, ML7102 crafts sounds that distort perception that pushes the soul into freedom and a life of self esteem minus the outsiders stolen land thievery. Only you can love yourself enough to truly be the living outside this Fantasy World of Narcissism.

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