Repost: “THEY KILLING US BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE!!!!” by Diallo Kenyatta (2015) @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta

Again, allow me to remind the community of some of the wisdom our elder Dick Gregory has shared with us:
Stop saying that; “they did this or that to us because we Black,” it’s simply inaccurate.
These police homicides and other atrocities ain’t being committed against us because we Black…it’s because they White!!!

Put the negative on them, not our skin color. They committing atrocities because they White, not because we Black!
When we say that they do it because we Black, that means that if we could somehow not be Black, or if we were not present, then there would be no atrocities; and the history of Western culture proves that to be untrue.
If it wasn’t us, it would be the Natives, if not the Natives it would be the Asians, if not the Asians it would be those who worship the wrong Gods, if not them then their own damn women and children, it would be animals, it would be the very ecosystems of the planet. Hell, not “if,” it is us and the rest.

They kill and oppress based on some internal flaw, not because of what they see before them.
So, the next time they stick a camera in any of our faces please yell; “THEY KILLING US BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE!!!!”
Say; “hide yo wife, hide yo kidz, hide yo husbands, and hide all the living creatures and the world’s ecosystems, cuz dey killing every thang out chea!!”

As we change our understanding, interpretation, and articulations of what happens to us and in the world, we can then begin to change our actions and the political and economic situation in this world.

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