Remembering: Del Jones (Culture Bandits) #culturebandits #deljones #afrikan

“Whites are not at peace with themselves nor comfortable with their color: they are fearful of extinction which causes them to be Culture Bandits. This allows them to control the culture they unconsciously feel they sprang from, while destroying all they don’t understand (which is most). And that portion which could not be used to serve white supremacy is hidden and destroyed as they attempt to possess our consciousness as a defense mechanism against our organizing efforts to perpetuate ourselves.

Therefore, they nestle in our culture like sleepy rapists, they fight sleep after their foul deeds, huddled with an organic force that is not theirs, they pretend to not only be the experts and critics, but also originators. They easily attempt to explain away: Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Peggy Lee, Mel Torme, Gerry Mulligan, Josef Zawifnul, The Beastie Boys (beast indeed), Kenny G, Joe Cocker, George Michael, Robert Palmer, New Kids on the Block, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Madonna (super sick) and on and on.”~Culture Bandits Vol 1. (book) p. 32, Del Jones

“The media will have you love people you don’t even know.”

“The thing that [Afrikans] must remember is that everything [White people] produce has a political purpose.”

“…they will later reveal truth after history has digested the lie.”
― Del Jones, Culture Bandits

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