The Art: Lutanda Zemba Luzamba

Paintings that subtly comment on a range of socio-political issues. His work is informed by his own experience moving from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Cape Town, South Africa. Working primarily with oil paint, Luzumba frequently depicts his figures participating in leisurely activities, like playing chess or sharing a drink. The men in his paintings are often dressed in suits, a nod to the DRC’s reversal of a ban on Western attire, and the sense of freedom that accompanies the use of fashion to express defiance. In ELEGANCE (who is following who?) (2021) three well-dressed figures adorned in Oxford shirts and loafers walk as though they are floating against a deep green background; this painting’s air of normalcy contrasts with works such as Gold Digger (2019), which are more overtly critical of corruption. Luzamba’s work has been shown in Dusseldorf, Paris, and Durban, among other cities.

Lutanda Zemba Luzamba

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