#repost: No Reasoning with Racist by Diallo Kenyatta @diallokenyatta #brodiallo #think #AfricanWorldCoalition #knowledge #research www.diallokenyatta.com

Racist are irrational, they cannot be reasoned with.

Racist must be psychically separated from the tools, infrastructure, and instruments of power and aggression; by force.

Their separation from power and the instruments of aggression must be sustained by force, permanently.

There is no evidence that Racist can be cured, they can only be trained or cohered in hiding their pathological aggression, so the victims and targets of Racist Aggression must be eternally vigilant; they must educate, train, equip, and motivate generation after generation to stand in unyielding opposition to Racist.

Racist span the entire political, cultural, and economic spectrum; they can be conservative, liberal, atheist, religious, vegan, socialist, capitalist, etc; they can even have non-White spouses, even embrace non-European cultures, they have a wide range of characteristics, but one fundamental position: White must dominate, at any cost, forever.

This position is so ingrained, so normal that many Racist are obvious to it, many Racist they don’t even know they hold to this position (until it’s tested or threatened), many can’t even articulate it, but they all work to sustain the Status Quo, the World Racial Hierarchy.

It is not the responsibility of the targets and victims of Racist Aggression to educate Racist, to reform Racist, or tolerate Racist; it is our responsibility to defeat, neutralize, and render Racist incapable of acting on their Pathological Drive to Dominate, Exploit, and Harm others.

Every Black Community, Organization, and Nation should have a log of Registered Race Aggressors, or Registers Race Offenders; when a Racist is identified and confirmed, the threat level must be assessed and a plan of action needs to be constructed and executed.

A Racist can be an individual, but more importantly an Institutions can be Racist if it is Governed, Directed, or staffed by Racist, if an organisation or Institution is deemed Racist then the community must capture (fully take over), destroy, expel (from the community), or render that organization/institution/bureaucracy dysfunctional (expose, obstruct, & hinder at every opportunity).

If a Racist institution is too powerful or embedded in our communities, the community must embark on the work to erect a counter institution even if it takes a generation or more.

We also need to pay more attention to Racist agendas, Racist policies, and Racist protocols, and less attention to Racist rhetoric and symbols; we too often expend too much resources, time, and energy fighting the latter while ignoring the former.

We have become very efficient at driving Racist underground, but we’ve failed to recognize that they are more effective underground, and we seldom if ever pursue them underground.

Finally, we must understand Racism is not our problem, it is a pathology of Whites (and some other groups), our problem is our vulnerability to Racist, or refusal to construct a rational and systematic agenda to defeat Racist.

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