Underground Feed Back Stereo: Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – Urban Mau Mau Against Redlining and Gentrification Out Takes Vol 34 (Reparations For A Lynching) #brothersperspectivemagazine #blackart #freedom #soulful #blacklove

Underground Feed Back Stereo x Brothers Perspective Magazine Broadcast • Dec 05

Underground Feed Back Stereo – Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – Urban Mau Mau Against Redlining and Gentrification Out Takes Vol 34 (Reparations For A Lynching) William “Froggie” James, an African-American man, was lynched and his dead body mutilated on November 11, 1909 by a mob in the Illinois town of Cairo after he was charged with the rape and murder of 24-year-old shop clerk Anna Pelley. William James was dead. The mob ran with his bleeding body to the murder scene in the alley. One man chopped off James’s head, put it on a pike, and lifted it up for the cheering crowd to see. The mob then set James’s body on fire and roasted the remains while men, women, and children shouted and cheered. When the fire died out, the horror continued as people moved in to dismember the body. Some took out their pocketknives and cut off ears and fingers and broke up bones to take as gruesome souvenirs. As the Brothers Travel Into a new dimension of these creative Broadcasts, we present to you the Parts that didn’t make pass predatory lending or the museum doors to show our art because of the ongoing gentrification from the stolen land land settlers feeding bad meals that lead to high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. We seek reparations now for the atrocities committed on Black People! Adding bonus venting moments that detail the exploitation of entire populations around the world, gas prices, climate change, global warming,

performed by predatory pathological maniacs. So we fight ferociously against Redlining and its unethical practices even though Black Folks may have good credit ratings, great income from horrible jobs and perfect qualifications to get approved for a loan from a predatory loan generator on high interest C Notes but still getting denied. Its the mind you must maintain against colonial genocide. This also happens with the endless rejection letters from art galleries etc. No respect to you! Sound Art? Tune in to these educated brothers as they deliver Personal Opinions for Brothers Perspective Audio Feedback #Reparations #diabetes #75dab #basketball #nyc #fakereligion #war

#neverapologize #brooklyn #guncontrol #birthcontrol #gentrification #stopviolence #blackmusic #chicago #southsidechicago #blackart #redlining #maumau #biko70 #chicago #soldout #PersonalOpinionDataBase #protest #blackart #africanart #gasprices #undergroundfeedbackstereo #blackpeople #race #brothersperspectivemagazine brothersperspective.com undergroundfeedbackstereo.com joelefthandrecords.com

feat. art by instagram.com/nappy9folics http://www.nappy9folics.com


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