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Video: 9th Scientist (The Plague Doctor) Arcana Illative @9thScientist #9thscientist #theplaguedoctor #littlerockarkansas #littlerock #illatron

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9th Scientist (The Plague Doctor) Arcana Illative

9th Scientist AKA The Plague Doctor brings the heat, once again, with Arcana Illative…

Automatic Gain Control 13 #hiphop @9thScientist @theuceman #boombap @culturepower45 #variousartist #music @_stepchild #realhiphop

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by Various

Beats and Rhymes limited vinyl 7inch release, we make B Boy Hip Hop Music without any additives. This is a limited vinyl only release curated by the Artist on the album and Culture Power45. #CULTUREPOWER45 #WEDONTDODIGITAL

Copyright: © Culture Power45
All rights reserved.
Compiled by Culture Power45
Art by Marcellous Lovelace (75dab)

Limited Edition Cassette Tape from 9th Scientist and illatron x Tape – JVILLATRON @9thScientist @culturepower45 #culturepower45 #jvillatron

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Limited Edition Cassette Tape from 9th Scientist and illatron x Tape comes with a special bonus package and rare release gems: Out April 14th / Shipping April 20th 9th Scientist Jvillatron jealous vendetta illatron the world is in upheaval is personal introspective look into the life of 9th Scientist personal struggles dealing deaths of his mother, father, sister, divorce as well spirituality of Sufism and his take on how he views the world through the lens of his outer and inner eyes. #9thscientist (twitter @9thscientist)  #culturepower45

Production by Mannie Gee Productions, Jewelz Polaar, Kiza Beats
Executive Produced By: Lifes Trails, Tribulations, Ups and Downs.
Cover Art Ariston Jacks Lay out design Marcellous Lovelace (#75DAB)


Underground Feed Back Stereo (Get Away From They Rules) Mixed by ML7102 @angeltheoracle @abillifree @Ras_G @TherealLifelong @skyzoo @peterock @magicmamii @RashidHadee @fatnicemc #ml7102 @rustejuxx357 @Nekaybaaw

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Underground Feed Back Stereo (Get Away From They Rules) Mixed by ML7102 ART2

Underground Feed Back Stereo (Get Away From They Rules) Mixed by ML7102
#undergroundfeedbackstereo #ml7102
#75dab #happensexist #fwws

ML7102 – Energy of The Squeeze
The Funkees – Korfisa
Ras G – Spaceship On Cruise Control (MPC200XL)
Ruste Juxx & Pete Rock – BlackFist
BoxFace x Free Bantu – (Don’t Tell) 2
Fatnice – Peace Love Unity and Havin Fun (Lil Dave Mix)
Cymande – Bra
Skyzoo & Pete Rock – It’s All Good
L.I.F.E. Long – Surveillance (produced by Shawneci)
Rapsody ft. D’Angelo, GZA – Ibtihaj
Darondo – The Wolf
Neak x Rita J – Do It For Love
Scienz Of Life – Powers Of Nine Ether
Brown Calculus – Live at Futro Church
Talibah Safiya – Middle of The Night
A Billi Free X Angel Bat Dawid – Flourish
Lukah – Black Powder
Semira Truth – Twerking To The Loading Screen
Radius Etc x Thaione Davis – Tower
Oshun – Solar Plexus
Rashid Hadee x Phil G – POV (Remix)
Nekaybaaw©®™ – Prophet Profit
Philmore Greene – Fly’N LSD
vortx of distorsun – Considered Not Normal (CNN)
Alice Coltrane – Turiya And Ramakrishna
9th Scientist – Auto Intelligence
Yusef Lateef – Like It Is(The Blue Yusef Lateef)

9th Scientist “Behind The Curtain” (Jvillatron) @9thScientist @culturepower45 (Directed by Isa Ali for Stepping Razor Studio) #9thscientist

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9th Scientist droppin’ the video companion to his new single “Behind The Curtain.” Available now on Culture Power 45 Drums Food Clothing Shelter @culturepower45  Get IT! Produced by Jewelz Polaar Directed by Isa Ali for Stepping Razor Studio #9thscientist #culturepower45 #jewwlzpolar

Audio: UNDERGROUND FEED BACK STEREO PODCAST (FROM WHERE I’M AT) (MIXED BY ML7102) @culturepower45 @9thscientist #craigmack

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Craig Mack – Jockin My Style
9th Scientist – Throw Stones (Culture Power45)
Special Ed – Neva Go Back
Sun Ra – Springtime In Chicago
UA_DAMBIRD – motivationthatfrustration
Royce Da 5’9″ – Boom
Thaione Davis – Capers (Culture Power45)
Chubb Rock x Das EFX x PMD – Beef

Fresh: DJ WAHT – Coldcutz and Shoulderz Mixtape

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DJ WAHT Coldcutz & Shoulderz Mixtape by Dj Waht (Ups, Brkn, Fff) on Mixcloud

download link:

DJ WAHT Coldcutz & Shoulderz Mixtape by Dj Waht (Ups, Brkn, Fff) on Mixcloud


dj waht

Power was screwy yesterday… Coldcutz & Shoulderz#tracklist

01. Intro – DJ Waht x Preemo
02. No Hooks Revenge of The Nice Guy(s) – Fathom 9 x DJ What
03. We All Remix – (DITC) OC x AG x Alchemist
04. Wrong Place, Wrong Meal –Lyrikill x KidInfamous
05. The Other Way – Marlo x Silverchair
06. Keys To The Kingdom – Common
07. Blind Threats –Schoolboy Q x Raekwon
08. BadBadNotGood – Ghostface x Danny Brown
09. The Break In – Marvin Gaye
10. I Can Do Know Wrong – Apollo Brown x Guilty Simpson
11. Knight – Earl Sweatshirt x Domo Genesis
12. Stone Hands of Shangri-La – 40 Elders x Young Dirty Bastard
13. Sweetwater 2.0 (Spirit Guides Us) – nekaybaaw
14. X Cords – Black Milk
15. What It Is -Lyfe Stile
16. Stank.Raw – Doe Cino x Esoteric x Supastition
17. Malcolm XXs – Preauxx x Imakemadbeats
18. Rawhide – Knowledge Nick x Jason Da Hater
19. U-City Looped – Nato Caliph x Thelonious Kryptonite
20. Auto Intelligent – 9th Scientist
21. Dope Break – Infinito 2017
22. The Insurrectionist x Bumblebee
23. Black Keys & Dope Traps – Guilty Simpson x Dopplegangaz
24. C.R.E.A.M –(Wu-Tang) Raekwon
25. Let’s Play – Guilty Simpson x Apollo Brown
26. No Biters Segway – Dj Lance x Dj What
27. The Teacha’s Back – KRS-1 x Marley Marl
28. My Team Supremes 2.0 – Flatbush Zombies
29. Jaffe Joffer aka King Shit – Stik Figa x illostrious
30. 2 Cups of Blood for Heaven – Jay Z x Grave Diggaz
31. Yeezus Was a Mortal Man – Oddissee
32. Monday’s Worst – Black Milk
33. Whatevers – Preauxx x Imakemadbeats
34. Get Away – De la Soul
35. O.G.W.A. – Doe Cino
36. Come On – Notorious Big x Sadat X x Lord Finesse
37. Every 36 Hours – Truth Universal

New Compilation: Joe Left Hand Records – From Where they From

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New Compilation: Joe Left Hand Records – From Where they From

1.       Ayanna – Gentrified Chicken (prod by Dion Brown)

2.       Armalitia Music – A9 (Armalitia Nine) Masai Bey, L.I.F.E. Long, Yazeed, Akbar, Citizen Kane, Nickel, Mr. Cord) (prod by Tensho Takemori / Scratches by DJ Fred Ones)

3.       Fatnice – My Favorite Things (prod Blaak the 9th man)

4.       Crown A Thornz – Top Billing (prod by DJ Pak)

5.       Thaione Davis – Falling Down (prod by Thaione Davis)

6.       Elohem Star (LW2AC) – Quest Through The Twilight (prod by neurologist)

7.       Killz Killahurtz of the Pretty Sixer’s – Curb Side Services (prod by Killahurtz)

8.       Centri – Rhyme Glue feat Skyzoo (prod by Dynamics plus)

9.       WATUSI – Here We Go (prod. by SselemaN)

10.    Citizen Kane & Emaculit  – Rappers are in Danger (produced by Kiza)

11.    Infinito 2017 – N5 (Untitled Blank) (prod by The Geaux)

12.    Nickle – Chronicles of Bruce Illest 1 (prod by Rude of the Ruckus)

13.    Mr. Skurge – Joe Fetter (prod by Dj Waht)

14.    Syntax – Money Pit (prod by Man Danno)

15.    Cos-G – Yes Yes Yall (prod by Kenny Keys)

16.     L.I.F.E. Long – Head Nod ft. Respect Tha God, Che Fontaine & Crooked Shakespeare of Born Wreckless (prod by Aneeway Jones)

17.    P.Kaye – Best Believe (prod by Midas Wells)

18.    Low Noise Mechanism – What A Lame Like ft Mordecai, Ka Sekhem, Jason Da Hater, Max Ptah

19.    Rhinoceros Funk – Clash of the Class (prod by Verbal Exparo /cuts fredones)

20.    9th Scientist – Don’t Stop (prod by King Boom)

21.    Whichcraft – United States Pt 2 (prod By V Sharp)

Back when Hip Hop was pure gold Compilation albums were rare gems compiled by multiple artist from all over the world, good music that made you break the bank to get the albums with your last pennies. Now a day’s artist give away albums on the internet with very little preparation and consideration to the Hip Hop Art form. Joe Left Hand records is a label dedicated to preservation of the Underground / Independent Artist who never relinquish music from the heart.

We present to you “From Where they From” as a way to represent where we from, meaning a time when we did B – Boy styled music just because we felt like it. We would use 4tracks, turntables and grandmothers house to record basement heavy material. We designed this album in collaboration with Cocoon Movements and Nappy9 Folics as a way to keep introducing good music that’s done where ever we at in the world.

Album features Artist like Skyzoo, L.I.F.E. Long, Thaione Davis, Centri,      Fatnice, Mr. Skurge, Dj Fredones, Masai Bey, Crown of Thornz, Akbar, The Geaux and more. A detailed compilation of fresh music reminiscent of Rawkus Sound-bombing and Super Rapping comps. Take a listen and listen again because we From where they from!

more info:

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