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The Art: Che Lovelace #chelovelace #art

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Che Lovelace’s joyful paintings are inspired by his surroundings in the Caribbean, specifically in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago. The yearly festival of Carnival, which is central to Caribbean culture, has become vital to Lovelace’s work, and his participation in the festivities each year as a masquerader gives him the chance to act as a character outside of himself and paint from a different perspective. While Carnival characters like the Blue Devil take center stage in many of Lovelace’s colorful works on panel, Lovelace doesn’t see his figures as representational: “I’m able to discover the figure anew every single time I paint it,” he says. Enigmatic figures, fruit, and trees appear as composites in Lovelace’s work; abstract and disjointed, his compositions offer new visions of the tropical landscape. To create his paintings, Lovelace uses an unusual technique of layering dry pigments; it can take up to a year and a half to complete a single painting. He has exhibited his work internationally at galleries and fairs from Paris to New York to London.

The Art: Lutanda Zemba Luzamba

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Paintings that subtly comment on a range of socio-political issues. His work is informed by his own experience moving from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Cape Town, South Africa. Working primarily with oil paint, Luzumba frequently depicts his figures participating in leisurely activities, like playing chess or sharing a drink. The men in his paintings are often dressed in suits, a nod to the DRC’s reversal of a ban on Western attire, and the sense of freedom that accompanies the use of fashion to express defiance. In ELEGANCE (who is following who?) (2021) three well-dressed figures adorned in Oxford shirts and loafers walk as though they are floating against a deep green background; this painting’s air of normalcy contrasts with works such as Gold Digger (2019), which are more overtly critical of corruption. Luzamba’s work has been shown in Dusseldorf, Paris, and Durban, among other cities.

Lutanda Zemba Luzamba

Music: Infinito 2017 – Resistance Mental Health People Unplug Self @infinito2017 @joeleftpromo #joelefthandrecords #75dab #biko70 #gtd

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Unplug Self

The struggles of Black people working through expansion seeing through oppression surviving the unwanted reality. The human mind is primitive to accept any conditioning. Be a rebel that will destroy your racist media, we support black life over racist slave patrol. Empower self because those that are evil will always neglect you! I’m empty I have absolutely nothing else to offer my oppression, not that I’ve ever offered it anything ever. Suffering for me is supposed to be an accepted norm in a toxic society of parasites. These parasites leach on to all other life forms and drain all that is living from us all. (From: You Can Kiss My: Not Wanting to be In Your Oppression Blackness (Jargons, Run On Sentences and Broken Slang book by Marcellous Lovelace)

Notes Spoken for Entrance
Healthy Diet Movements
Shot Colonizers Knee Caps Off
Healthy But Lost (Segue)
Unplug They Cables
Resistance People We
Card Board Paper Planes
Resistance Reminder (Segue)
You Can Call Me Stazy
Notes Spoken for Closure

(c) 2021 Joe Left Hand Records
produced by Dion Brown
all Lyrics by Infinito 2017
art by Marcellous Lovelace #75dab
recorded + arranged by vortx of distorsun (Watts, CA)

2016 Good To Be Blacker Than You Series art by Marcellous Lovelace‪

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2016 Good To Be Blacker Than You Series art by Marcellous Lovelace‪ #‎blackerthan‬ ‪#‎hueart‬ ‪#‎BIKO70‬ ‪#‎define‬ ‪#‎marcellouslovelaceart‬ ‪#‎be‬ 2016 GOOD TO BE BLACKER THAN YOU SERIES art by Marcellous Lovelacestarted and finished part 1 of series today ‪#‎consistent‬

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