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Video: Rapper Big Pooh – Augmentation (prod. Apollo Brown) | Official Music Video

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Beat box, this is back to the block/ Before every rapper sold rocks/ Before everybody needed rocks in their watch/ Just watch, now it’s all about board rooms and stocks/ Words paint pictures, I’m an artist non-stop/ Raw beats, raps, this is called hip-hop…

“Sometimes you have to destroy and rebuild in order to augment an idea. Augmentation is me destroying the idea that a lot of young cats have about a career in Hip Hop/Rap. We are trained to look at the exceptions and accept them as the standard. I just wanted to share some real game with up and comers, spectators, and those looking to make their mark.” – Rapper Big Pooh

Artist: Rapper Big Pooh
Album: Words Paint Pictures
Producer: Apollo Brown
Director: Jay Brown
Visual FX: Paul Mihailoff

Mixed: Magnetic @ The Disc
Mastered: Eric Morgeson @ Studio A Detroit
Label: Mello Music Group


About the Album:
Lao Tzu claimed that, “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” Occasionally, the universe can also stir music from the chambers of the soul. These are the songs tattooed into our memories, torn from headlines and unsettling encounters, intense anthems of immediacy. Soul music.

You can hear these eternal truths on Words Paint Pictures—Big Pooh’s debut release for Mello Music Group. Over seven songs and two remixes, the North Carolina MC captures the complex agonies of the human condition—specifically the black experience in America over the last several centuries. These are tales of racial profiling and corrupt politicians, reality TV distractions, thieving preachers and rapacious exploitation—all offset by tremendous strength. They are uniquely American stories, chronicling both the damned and hopeful. From bleak circumstances, a profoundly durable human spirit emerges.

While Pooh sketches in vivid detail, Apollo Brown supplies the canvas. The Detroit-via-Grand Rapids alchemist chops classic soul samples and scratches hooks into bangers—head nodding and hard, but still beautiful. The holy trinity of DJ Premier, Pete Rock and J. Dilla supply divine inspiration. As Pooh spits on “Candlelight:” “this is what they call boom-bap/when they try to find what’s in that backpack.”

What’s in that backpack is as intangible as the light in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. It’s a main vein of discontent and mother lode of inspiration. Over a gorgeous antique loop on “Augmentation,” Pooh sketches the duality of the greed-choked world we inhabit, and the sacred feelings he’s bringing back. On “Stop,” he harrowingly chronicles a racist police stop and in the process eulogizes Oscar Grant, Mike Brown, and those exterminated by brutal law enforcement goons. “Promise Land” paints a haunting picture of those “hanging by gold ropes.”

The guest list helps buoy Pooh and Apollo’s vision into the third dimension. Rass Kass indicts everyone from the media to Obama for the mess we’re in. Gorgeous and raw hooks come from Steve Roxx and Eric “Blakk Soul” Keith.” L’ Orange contributes a remix and Detroit representative Marv Won exhales fire.

But at heart, you return to the words, the pictures, and the complications inherent in the soul. You might have previously known Big Pooh best for his work in Little Brother, but this is the most powerful music he’s ever made. Mining deeply into the personal, he’s created something profound and universal.…

Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
Copyright 2015, Mello Music Group Subscribe:

Fresh: DJ WAHT – Coldcutz and Shoulderz Mixtape

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DJ WAHT Coldcutz & Shoulderz Mixtape by Dj Waht (Ups, Brkn, Fff) on Mixcloud

download link:

DJ WAHT Coldcutz & Shoulderz Mixtape by Dj Waht (Ups, Brkn, Fff) on Mixcloud


dj waht

Power was screwy yesterday… Coldcutz & Shoulderz#tracklist

01. Intro – DJ Waht x Preemo
02. No Hooks Revenge of The Nice Guy(s) – Fathom 9 x DJ What
03. We All Remix – (DITC) OC x AG x Alchemist
04. Wrong Place, Wrong Meal –Lyrikill x KidInfamous
05. The Other Way – Marlo x Silverchair
06. Keys To The Kingdom – Common
07. Blind Threats –Schoolboy Q x Raekwon
08. BadBadNotGood – Ghostface x Danny Brown
09. The Break In – Marvin Gaye
10. I Can Do Know Wrong – Apollo Brown x Guilty Simpson
11. Knight – Earl Sweatshirt x Domo Genesis
12. Stone Hands of Shangri-La – 40 Elders x Young Dirty Bastard
13. Sweetwater 2.0 (Spirit Guides Us) – nekaybaaw
14. X Cords – Black Milk
15. What It Is -Lyfe Stile
16. Stank.Raw – Doe Cino x Esoteric x Supastition
17. Malcolm XXs – Preauxx x Imakemadbeats
18. Rawhide – Knowledge Nick x Jason Da Hater
19. U-City Looped – Nato Caliph x Thelonious Kryptonite
20. Auto Intelligent – 9th Scientist
21. Dope Break – Infinito 2017
22. The Insurrectionist x Bumblebee
23. Black Keys & Dope Traps – Guilty Simpson x Dopplegangaz
24. C.R.E.A.M –(Wu-Tang) Raekwon
25. Let’s Play – Guilty Simpson x Apollo Brown
26. No Biters Segway – Dj Lance x Dj What
27. The Teacha’s Back – KRS-1 x Marley Marl
28. My Team Supremes 2.0 – Flatbush Zombies
29. Jaffe Joffer aka King Shit – Stik Figa x illostrious
30. 2 Cups of Blood for Heaven – Jay Z x Grave Diggaz
31. Yeezus Was a Mortal Man – Oddissee
32. Monday’s Worst – Black Milk
33. Whatevers – Preauxx x Imakemadbeats
34. Get Away – De la Soul
35. O.G.W.A. – Doe Cino
36. Come On – Notorious Big x Sadat X x Lord Finesse
37. Every 36 Hours – Truth Universal

Apollo Brown x Guilty Simpson “Nasty” featuring Planet Asia (from the album Dice Game)

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Carhartts, boots, bleak weather, and a cold “Nasty” banger featuring Planet Asia.Apollo Brown chops a fiery gospel organ into an incendiary track that pulses with life. Guilty wastes no time turning into a microphone bully, showing just why he considers himself as nasty as black licorice. Cocky, brazen and above all ill, Apollo and Guilty are deadly enough as a duo but on this track they enlist their Left Coast brethren, Planet Asia, for a few bars of that west side grime. Fresno’s finest catches Guilty’s lob and slam-dunks his verse.


from Dice Game, released 06 November 2012
produced by Apollo Brown
vocals by Guilty Simpson & Planet Asiamastered by Eric Morgeson
executive produced by Michael Tolle

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