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Recorded 9/1/19: ML7102 – Nevada Las Strips #joelefthandrecords #ml7102

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During my Labor Day Excursion to Las Vegas Nevada I took a few hours and composed some notes. My experience took me up Hwy 93 a very long and narrow road. My vision only sees the motion of the mountains as eye entered Nevada with these beats in my head that needed to be released and arranged to the public. Pretty bizarre trip to Las Vegas the land of Impossible Burgers and parties, naked woman and music 9/1/2019
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Music: RadiusETC – Beyond The Skies (Original Autobiographical Soundtrack​/​Library Musical Score) @radiusgetsitin

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radius art 2
With supreme respects to Music DeWolfe, KPM Music Recorded Library and Bosworth Music library, just to name a few, plus of course my all time favorite soundtrack; Blade Runner (Vangelis), I present to you at the spark of Spring Equinox, Full moon and Aries (my birth season):


This is autobiographical…my philosophy is “A MIND WITH NO CEILING” The sky having a limit is an oxymoron. This is a soundtrack dedicated to the skies and shifting a dream into reality by all means necessary, no matter the distractions all around navigating through this system (man made boxes/genres/borders/walls, RACE, etc)

Produced within/between various cities and seasons over a year; Berlin, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, and finalized within Los Angeles, cover was shot in Brussels, Belgium.

In addition to telling my own life story, the goal is also to get this project licensed for film series, commercials, movies and video games. There are no samples, everything is played and recorded similar to the original library music record companies mentioned above; One take no overdubs, wide ranged, experimental and moody, perfect for sitting in your crate and sampling for your future productions as well….I ENCOURAGE IT, JUST GIVE ME CREDIT!!!

*want to see this on vinyl?!? Down for a preorder?!? Holla! *


released March 22, 2019

Written, Produced, Mixed and Arranged by: Radius aka Radius Etc (Ear To Chicago/ASCAP) 2018

Mastered By: Kevin J Simon 2018

Photo Cover: Ramon Etc

Dion Brown​ – ​My Sincere Dedication Vol​.​3​: Nancy Wilson​ // ​February 20​,​1937 Joe Left Hand Records @joeleftpromo #dionbrown #instrumental

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dion brown - my sincere dedication nancy wilson

#joelefthandrecords My Sincere Dedication Vol. 3 Nancy Wilson

1. Intro 00:23
2. Thank you Nancy 02:54
3. All my Tomorrow’s 03:13
4. Beautiful Love Nights 03:54
5. Darling 03:24
6. Cross my Heart 03:55
7. Unhappy Girl 02:56
8. Lets get it started 03:09
9. Small World 03:07
10. No easy way down 03:14
11. Live Life without Regrets 03:41

Fresh: Madlib Makes a Beat w/ Sony’s MVR – LA to Tokyo

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Watch Madlib produce a beat from scratch in this exclusive video, shot with ten of Sony’s Music Video Recorders running simultaneously (http: // Made possible thanks to our collaboration with Hennessy Artistry ( at our hideaway studio session at FEVER in Daitabashi. Samples from Paul Ngozi and The Ngozi Family, courtesy of Now-Again Records and the Estate of Paul Nyirongo.

Part 2 coming soon. Don’t miss it!


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