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Music: ML7102 – 1026 PRO FADES DESIGNS @infinito2017 @joeleftpromo #joelefthandrecords #infinito2017 #hiphop #blackmusic #aco #gtd #soul #ML7102

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Rare CD Version of the Birthday Album #limitededition – When I was young my mother wouldn’t let us get all the cuts and designs in our fades. My Late Uncle Frank allowed my cousins to get any lines they wanted. I always thought that was dope, NEPHEW OF FRANK RECORDS // CUE BALL ENT. My Birthday is October 26th; I just make an album and release it. I draw the cover and save as the file as a 6000×6000 TIFF / PSD About 400 – 1200 DPI convert to JPG of a original idea I create Featuring my cousin Infinito 2017 // Hornets Projects // Helena Surreal 75dab biko70 nappy9folics aco gtd [not like other people] Tuesday October 26th 2021

Vinyl: @culturepower45 “Lost Cargo 4” #lostcargo4 #culturepower45 #music #hiphop @angeltheoracle @TheRealJSlikk @Neak_Undefined @vyle#vinyl @abeatchemist @cuzzinvinny90 @JalenKobayashi @Semiratruth @mikefloRBG @pugsatomz

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Lost Cargo 4 is a fantastic voyage of our kinships and our traditions that help define our tribal distinction in society. We as creators of Hip Hop work collectively to map out our destination for our paths. It is important to understand, relate and communicate what we can combine for survival on this planet. Through Hip-Hop culture we construct different concepts of sound, dance, artistry and conversations, these evaluations educate generations to come with our translations of time. So yes, yes yall, Let the B boy’s rock and the Dj’s cut as we convey the beautiful narratives of stolen ghetto children liberated through Congolese talking drum vibrations. Party people please enter peacefully and enjoy the rhythms of Lost Cargo 4 featuring a variety of story tellers and sound providers. This Album features performances by Abeatchemist, Neak, K the I, Joy Selah, Andreaus Haley, Sun Rahim, A.M. Early Morning, Slot A, Mike Flo, Solomon Strange, Vice Verse, Semiratruth, Jalen Kobayashi, Mentally Aware Teaching HueMans, Vyle, Cuzzin Vinny, Lex Boogie, Yahzeed Divine, Pugs Atomz, Tha Joint, Perseph One X Dopedev , The Primeridian, Angel Bat Dawid and more.

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Audio: She Say He Talk Black, Pt. 1 / She Said I Talk Black Episodes of Ebony Sugarwalls #75dab #infinito2017 @infinito2017 @joeleftpromo #joelefthandrecords

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She Said I Talk Black Episodes of Ebony Sugarwalls

Automatic Gain Control 13 #hiphop @9thScientist @theuceman #boombap @culturepower45 #variousartist #music @_stepchild #realhiphop

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by Various

Beats and Rhymes limited vinyl 7inch release, we make B Boy Hip Hop Music without any additives. This is a limited vinyl only release curated by the Artist on the album and Culture Power45. #CULTUREPOWER45 #WEDONTDODIGITAL

Copyright: © Culture Power45
All rights reserved.
Compiled by Culture Power45
Art by Marcellous Lovelace (75dab)

Audio: VENGEANCE OF THE HERERO POPULATION BY @INFINITO2017 #infinito2017 #music #boombap

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by Infinito 2017

Our job is to avenge the massacres of any native indigenous group of people all over the globe, The Herero and Nama genocide a well thought out plan of original peoples extermination from earth. Devils committed punishment that the disgusting German failures stole land West Africa against the Herero known as Nama and San people.


released November 17, 2017

Produced by Unagi, Kiza Beats, Dion Brown, ML7102

Recorded at Original People Sol in Phoenix, AZ
Mixed and Mastered by Vortx of Distorsun (Watts, LA, CA)
Arranged by Blocks off Cottagegrove
All Lyrics Infinito 2017 by M. Lovelace / INFINITO ONE (Ascap)
Producers appear courtesy of their self
Joe Left Hand Records

Audio: Infinito 2017 – Falling Of Digital Outputs (prod. dj takonedoe) #infinito2017 #75dab @infinito2017

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Underground Feed Back Stereo (Above The Fakeness) Mixed by ML7102 @fatnicemc @thaionedavis @ill_sugiee @Ras_G @angeltheoracle #ml7102

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Underground Feed Back Stereo (Above The Fakeness) Mixed by ML7102
#undergroundfeedbackstereo #ml7102 #hiphop #undergroundhiphop

ML7102 – Off Partial Limits Forming
Redman and Methodman – Da Rockwilder
Angel Bat Dawid – We Are Starzz
Kenny Keys – Fruition
Mos Def – Mathematics
The 5th Dimension – Stoned Soul Picnic
Fatnice – Each and Every Day
Aretha Franklin – Loving You Baby
Ras G – Queen Re’s Smile
Thaione Davis – Capers
Pharoahe Monch ft Lil Fame – 24 Hours
UFS – Random Mix
Mr Skurge – My Little Habit
Infinito 2017 – Bo Dean
9th Scientist – Behind The Curtain
Hell.Sent x Qwazaar – This Road
Radius Etc – Low End Factory
ML7102 – Discover Embedded / Shang Lo (UFS MIX)

New Vinyl “Drums Food Clothing And Shelter” From @culturepower45 Out February 2019 #culturepower45

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@culturepower45 DRUMS: Food Clothing Shelter 12 inch MAGENTA COLORED VINYL OUT EARLY 2019 #CP45026 Features @JasonDaHater1 @culturepower45 @fatnicemc @pugsatomz @pruven777 #brkn @radiusetc @aqeel.the.nubian @mahoganyjonz @yaminallday @djstreetorchestra @mbelangale @9th_scientist @baron_von_schlagen and more on #Culturepower45#drumsfoodclothingshelter foodclothing

New Review: It’s Nice To Meet You by Fatnice [album out 8/2013]

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Its Nice To Meet You - Fatnice

Artist: Fatnice
Album: It’s Nice To Meet You

This is bigger than a review for us over here at Brothers Perspective Magazine this is an endorsement on behalf of Hip Hop History. Fatnice has blessed us with an advanced copy of the amazing “It’s Nice to Meet You” CD. This is an album that is reminiscent of Mains Sources album Breaking Atoms with a Chicago / Philly vibe throughout. With very jazzy beats and well placed samples all over the joint. Throughout this 16 track epilogue I’d say it’s something similar to a master thesis. Lyrical Fitness is one of the strongest tracks due to the effortless rhyme patterns and ridiculous word play on the song. Deep embraces Fatnice’s eloquent story telling that features Ruby Dee and Mos Def as a part of the Beatsmifs theme. And once you take in Each and Every day and Watercolors which features Charlie K you will be blown away. Now it sounds like I’m just giving my view point, don’t take my word for it; check it out for yourself. Oh we need peace Love, Unity and Having Fun.
Recommendation: GO GET IT
Review by Brothers Perspectivee

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