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“Broke” is what they called Enslaved Blacks by Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta #ClassConscious #broke #AccuracyIsKey

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Earn Your Leisure. Rise & Grind. Secure the Bag.

“Broke” is what they called Enslaved Blacks who were seasoned and ready to enter the White Plantation Economy. Now today “Broke” is what we call Emancipated Blacks who’ve failed to integrate into the White Wage Economy.

Isn’t it more historically accurate to call Blacks who are Educated (aka: Seasoned), Trained (aka: Broken In), and Lawful (aka: Obedient), Broke?

The Blacks who’ve failed to make themselves worthy to work and receive the Master’s rewards were called (Wild) Bucks, not Broke or Broken In.

So the next time you wanna insult a Black person who has no money, no status, no property; a Black person who has a criminal record, who is “still sleeping on their mother’s couch; you should call them Bucks not Broke, cuz it’s more likely than not, your are the one who’s truly Broken. IJS.




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