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The Art: Che Lovelace #chelovelace #art

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Che Lovelace’s joyful paintings are inspired by his surroundings in the Caribbean, specifically in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago. The yearly festival of Carnival, which is central to Caribbean culture, has become vital to Lovelace’s work, and his participation in the festivities each year as a masquerader gives him the chance to act as a character outside of himself and paint from a different perspective. While Carnival characters like the Blue Devil take center stage in many of Lovelace’s colorful works on panel, Lovelace doesn’t see his figures as representational: “I’m able to discover the figure anew every single time I paint it,” he says. Enigmatic figures, fruit, and trees appear as composites in Lovelace’s work; abstract and disjointed, his compositions offer new visions of the tropical landscape. To create his paintings, Lovelace uses an unusual technique of layering dry pigments; it can take up to a year and a half to complete a single painting. He has exhibited his work internationally at galleries and fairs from Paris to New York to London.

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