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#repost: Stop Falling for & regurgitating the lives of Capitalism & the Capitalist by Diallo Kenyatta @diallokenyatta #brodiallo #think #capitlism #AfricanWorldCoalition #knowledge #research

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All these stupid people saying that Inflation is the result of giving struggling people free money during the Pandemic, please explain why there was no runaway inflation when trillions of free money was given to Multinational Corporations?

The trillions given to banks after their fraudulent practices collapsed tbe housing market, the trillions given to the auto industry after decades of mismanagement, the trillions given to address the Savings & Loan collapse after decades of criminal actions! Hell, we can go back over 100 years & look at the trillions given to railroad, oil, & shipping barons!

They been running this “giving to the poor causes catastrophe” but “giving to the rich leads to prosperity” scam since the founding of the US & y’all still falling for the bullshit!

The Federal Reserve is constantly giving “free money” to the elite parasites & their companies, but wanna pretend that Inflation & other economic ills are driven by giving money back to only the people who generate wealth: The Working Classes!

Stop falling for & regurgitating the lives of Capitalism & the Capitalist.

NoWarButClassWar #ClassCon
WarProfiteering #DisasterCapitalism #ProfitIsTheft #PriceGouging #CorporareGreed #ArtificialScarcity
CapitalismIsTheProblem #Kleptocracy #SocialismSaves

Underground Feed Back Stereo (We Only Had A Old BW UHF TV) Mixed by ML7102 @ritaj79 @shabazzpalaces @oshuniverse @fatnicemc @charmlikemagic @abillifree @semiratruth @racetac @angeltheoracle @BackwoodSweeti3 #75dab #ml7102 #raygun81 #biko70

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Underground Feed Back Stereo (We Only Had A Old BW UHF TV) Mixed by ML7102

undergroundfeedbackstereo #ml7102 #75dab #happensexist #fwws

Rob O – Wunderlust
Iomos Marad ft. Capital D – Deep Rooted
Gang Starr ft. Inspectah Deck – Above The Clouds
Main Source (ft. Nas, Fatel, Akinyele) – Live At The Barbecue
Avenging Wind (Fathom 9) – Super Bad
June Tyson and Sun Ra – Star Dust from Tomorrow
INI – Fakin Jax
Zion I – One
Jakki Da Motamouth ft. MHZ – Widespread
Mordecai The Foul – Plastic Rappers
BDP – My Philosophy
J Zone x AL Shid – Recess / The First Day of School
Common Sense – Communism
Fatnice – Peace Love Unity Having Fun
Thomas Meloncon – Wating on My Mind
Binary Star – Glen Close
Tink ILLA – Moelight
Micranots – Culture
Qwazaar – Desert Eagle
Raekwon ft. Nas, Ghostface – Verbal Intercourse
Mr. Skurge – No Secret
Big L X Fat Joe – The Enemy
Nacrobats – Nacro 99
Cannibal Ox – Pigeon
Prime Diesel – Theee Mooddd
Madvillian – Accordion
Infinito 2017 – Wake Yo Style Up?
Shabazz Palaces – free press and curl
Back Wood Sweetie – Black Betty
Semira Truth – Cosmos
Angel Bat Dawid – Negro Hamlet
Jean Grae – Going Crazy
Psalm One – Girl Named You
Sa Roc – Dark Matterz
Charm Taylor – River Folks
Rita J – No Regrets
A. Billi Free – Bold Heart
Oshun – Solar Plexus

Arkansas Delta town finding the truth about 1919 massacre that killed 200 Black People @3onyourside

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Arkansas Delta town finding the truth about 1919 massacre that killed 200


ELAINE, Ark. — It is considered one of the darkest days in American history — the Elaine, Arkansas Massacre of 1919.

More than 200 African-Americans — men, women and some children — were killed by armed whites in the small Arkansas Delta town about an hour and half southwest of Memphis. It’s called one of the most bloody and horrific massacres in American history.

Five white people were killed in the massacre. However, no white people were ever charged for the killings.

Friday, hundreds of people gathered for what’s called the Elaine Truth Telling Commission hearing, an examination of the tragic events. Through letters and notes handed down from generations, residents of Elaine reflected on the massacre of 1919.

It all started when black sharecroppers sought to unionize.

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Colored Black – one fifty three am

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Colored Black – one fifty three am

Song Description

A round this time the recording session took place and we let the music begin. Always up to date and present in the time knowledge and joy motivated.

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