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Order Vinyl: (I’M​)​MORTAL by F.A.B.L.E. #culturepower45 @foreverfable #limited @culturepower45 #fable #music

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Order Vinyl: (I’M​)​MORTAL by F.A.B.L.E. #fable If we are in tune with the infinite power, can we not obtain immortality?

Album: F.A.B.L.E. (I’M)MORTAL [9.7.2021] @culturepower45 #rap @foreverfable #music #INFNTPWR #cp45

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F.A.B.L.E. (I’M)MORTAL [9.7.2021] @culturepower45 #rap @foreverfable #music #INFNTPWR

Vinyl: @culturepower45 “Lost Cargo 4” #lostcargo4 #culturepower45 #music #hiphop @angeltheoracle @TheRealJSlikk @Neak_Undefined @vyle#vinyl @abeatchemist @cuzzinvinny90 @JalenKobayashi @Semiratruth @mikefloRBG @pugsatomz

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Lost Cargo 4 is a fantastic voyage of our kinships and our traditions that help define our tribal distinction in society. We as creators of Hip Hop work collectively to map out our destination for our paths. It is important to understand, relate and communicate what we can combine for survival on this planet. Through Hip-Hop culture we construct different concepts of sound, dance, artistry and conversations, these evaluations educate generations to come with our translations of time. So yes, yes yall, Let the B boy’s rock and the Dj’s cut as we convey the beautiful narratives of stolen ghetto children liberated through Congolese talking drum vibrations. Party people please enter peacefully and enjoy the rhythms of Lost Cargo 4 featuring a variety of story tellers and sound providers. This Album features performances by Abeatchemist, Neak, K the I, Joy Selah, Andreaus Haley, Sun Rahim, A.M. Early Morning, Slot A, Mike Flo, Solomon Strange, Vice Verse, Semiratruth, Jalen Kobayashi, Mentally Aware Teaching HueMans, Vyle, Cuzzin Vinny, Lex Boogie, Yahzeed Divine, Pugs Atomz, Tha Joint, Perseph One X Dopedev , The Primeridian, Angel Bat Dawid and more.

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Limited Edition Cassette Tape from 9th Scientist and illatron x Tape – JVILLATRON @9thScientist @culturepower45 #culturepower45 #jvillatron

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Limited Edition Cassette Tape from 9th Scientist and illatron x Tape comes with a special bonus package and rare release gems: Out April 14th / Shipping April 20th 9th Scientist Jvillatron jealous vendetta illatron the world is in upheaval is personal introspective look into the life of 9th Scientist personal struggles dealing deaths of his mother, father, sister, divorce as well spirituality of Sufism and his take on how he views the world through the lens of his outer and inner eyes. #9thscientist (twitter @9thscientist)  #culturepower45

Production by Mannie Gee Productions, Jewelz Polaar, Kiza Beats
Executive Produced By: Lifes Trails, Tribulations, Ups and Downs.
Cover Art Ariston Jacks Lay out design Marcellous Lovelace (#75DAB)


Music: Culture Power45 X Cocoonmovemnents – “Afro Picks Vol.1” @culturepower45 @TheRealPerceeP @TherealLifelong #75dab @FredOnesTME @akilthemc @CHUCKCHILLA @snubdogg @FATCATHAYZE #culturepower45 @MCWhiteowl

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Pre Order Now (1/20/2020): Culture Power45 X Cocoonmovemnents – “Afro Picks Vol. 1” 

“Afro Picks Vol. 1” Culture Power 45 teams up with Cocoonmovemnents to bring you another vinyl exclusive. This time we focus on the African Diaspora and highlighting unity with a compilation of music that fits the musical renaissance of African Culture. Right on time celebrating Black History Month we present “Afro Picks Vol. 1” This compilation showcases various artists from the East Coast, West Coast, Southern and Midwest regions. This album is soulful, Jazzy with tracks that hit hard with Heavy drum percussion’s and bass. With guest appearances from Akil the emcee of Jurassic 5, Tek of Smith & Wessun, The Late Lord Superb, Infinito 2017, L.I.F.E. Long, Merc da Big Body Benz and more. This compilation is sure to be a sought out classic. With only a limited pieces of Exclusively Colored Vinyl for the collectors of African Art. Afro Picks represents the Now diving into concepts that depict, joy, struggle and pain creating the soundtrack of today’s society. Cover art by Marcellous Lovelace #75dab

Ships: February 1, 2020


1. Afro Flows (Intro)
Produced by Dj.Afar
2. Triple Og’s Feat (Chico Son, Sir Syl, Lord Superb (R.I.P.)) – Vernacular
Produced by HD Cardi

3. Infinito 2017 – AFC (All FAT CAPS)
Produced by Schroder

4. Writers Guild (Loer & L.I.F.E. Long) – IAM
Produced by Fred Ones

5. The Natural Truth
Produced by Fred Ones

6. Percee P –  Making Music
Produced by Chuck Chilla

1. Merc The Big Body Benz – Second Coming
Produced by Thanos Beats

2. Sophisticated Savage (White Owl, Rhinoceros Funk, Yahzeed Divine aka Yahzillah)) – Brothers
Produced by Silent Someone

3. Hawk Fro
Produced by Fred Ones

4. Indigo Phoenyx Feat. Innocent Flow, Tek (Smif-N-Wessun) – Still Love Her
Produced by Jewels Polaar

5. L.I.F.E. Long & FATCATHAYZE Feat. Loer – Table of Periodics

6. Akil The Mc (Jurassic 5) Feat. Snubnose Frankenstein – Blowing off Steam
Produced by Johnny Filter

Arranged by Fred Ones
Executive produced by L.I.F.E. Long for Cocoonmovemnents

New Music: Lost Liggy Files by L.I.F.E. Long @TherealLifelong @culturepower45 #culturepower45 #Cocoonmovements @lifemajor

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Limited Edition 140 gm 7inch L.I.F.E. Long | The Lost Liggy Files |Surveillance, Escapism (feat. Breez Evahflowin & Blacastan) , Da Golden Session feat Akil (Jurassic 5) & Zakee (Pitch Black) all Tracks produced by Shawneci / Each 7 inch includes a Sticker and Button Tshirt Dubekoms of The Screen Print Shop website also in conjunction for
@TherealLifelong (twitter)

@culturepower45 Drums: Food Clothing Shelter #drumsfoodclothingshelter  #hiphop

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As youth growing up experiencing multiple adventures we shift from Helena, Arkansas to other communities. Music was the guide, no Green Book necessary. With drums surging through the ride, there is understanding of its origins, which are from traditions of Africa. The essence transported with the Middle Passage. Language of history, are the words used by the artists on this compilation. Many excursions have transpired by the featured artists. We the escaped souls making migrations to Calumet City, Compton, Detroit, the Bronx by way of Cameroon, Ibadan, Nigeria transporting to Little Rock, Philadelphia, and Memphis. Our music conjures rhythms ranging from Skip James, Cheick Seck, and Ornette Coleman. Traveling passing mounds to row houses but arriving at empty lots. The album covers visual imagery from a lot of emptiness but there is still soul that provides food, shelter and clothing; wrapped with love and support and glimpses of a brighter future. #culturepower45 #hiphop #drumsfoodclothingshelter DRUMS_PROMO_32

Underground Feed Back Stereo (CREATE EXIST CONSISTENT 2018) MIXED BY ML7102 @vicspencer @blackalicious_ @pruven777 @culturepower45

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Underground Feed Back Stereo (CREATE EXIST CONSISTENT 2018) MIXED BY ML7102

underground feed back stereo (CREATE EXIST CONSISTENT 2018) COVER

Underground Feed Back Stereo (CREATE EXIST CONSISTENT 2018) MIXED BY ML7102
#ml7102 #undergroundfeedbackstereo #music #hiphop

vortx of distorsun – slept on
Pruven – Select Few Vibranium
Donald Mayhem ft. Race Bannon – Crown Tipper
Auxiliary Arms ft. BMS – Power In The Palace
Vic Spencer – Vics Crates
Tame One – Torture Chamber (instrumental)
Infinito 2017 – No To Not (Test Pressing)
JRawls x Jlive – Great Live Caper (Part 2)
Commodors – Easy
Empee – Live From Memphis (Instrumental)
Infinito 2017 – My Boom Box
Swollen Members – Dark Riders
Blackalicious – Paragraph President
ML7102 – Discovering Embedded Files

CP45018: SIMPLICITY (Promo 1) by Yarbrough @culturepower45

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You heard the magnificent Culture Power 45 compilation dynamo ‘Fruition’, the CP45 crew returns with the second release in its vinyl compilation series entitled ‘Simplicity’. Dope beats and rhymes, it’s as simple as that with bangers from the likes of Dug infinite, Truth Universal, Kenny Keys, Infinito 2017, Thaione Davis, 84, DJ Spinna, The Primerdian, Vic Spencer, Buscrates, Brez Evah Flowin and a host of others that will surely keep the record spinnin. Proven fact is that betting on Culture Power 45 is a simple win!

Simplicity: Available for Order April 1st


Jslikk X Donald Mayhem X Vast Aire X Thaione Davis X Zozer x Qwazaar x Czar x Hellsent x Adad X 5ifth Element X Iomos Marad X Profound X Auxiliary Arms (L.I.F.E. Long x Masai Bey) X B.M.S. X Mr. Chord X Vic Spencer X Buscrates X Dj Spinna X Dug Infinite x Bamski The Bigot X GQ The Teacher X Mordecai The Foul X KingBoom X Neak X Truth Universal X ML7102 X Rakaa Iriscience X Mr. Skurge X Dj Waht X 84 (Aul Purpis X Fatnice X B9) Tanzania Lateef X Blaak tha 9th Mann X Empee X MILK X Cool D X Infinito 2017 x ILLsugi X Scienz of Life X Sidewalk Kal X ID 4 Windz X Radius X The Primeridian X Simeon Viltz X Jason Da Hater Jason Holcomb X Yarbrough X Rashid Hadee X Loer Velocity x L.I.F.E. Long X Edword Blackington x Masai Bey x Breez Evahflowin NexMillen) X Supreme Leaders (Cos G x Novacane) X Kenny Keys X 9th Scientist X Mannie Gee X MaxPtah

Video: Iomos Marad x Rashid Hadee x Radius – 5 Fifths of a God (recording session) @culturepower45

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Iomos Marad x Rashid Hadee x Radius – 5 Fifths of a God (recording session) Video: Culture Power45: iomos marad x rashid hadee x radius – 5 Fifths of a God (recording session) @culturepower45 New Video for ‘5 Fifths of A God’ Ft @IomosMarad x @rashidhadee x @radiusetc @thaionedavis from Lost Cargo 2 Out Now with The Know (@karloxford x @fatnicemc) Black Koala (@raashan x @ritaj9 ) @illsugi and more. Out Now #wedontdodigital #culturepower45 See entire video at

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