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Underground Feed Back Stereo: Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – Euro Colonizer Blood Suckers #brothersperspectivemagazine #lamarjackson #jamorant #memphis #taxdebt #ukrain #china

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Underground Feed Back Stereo – Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – Euro Colonizer Blood Suckers

Black People suffer in a place many are void of Self Awareness and Dignified Liberation. These europeons stole the land by killing the natives of lands but not to share with the original inhabitant or those they enslaved. These tyrants are negative to the core and cant do good.

The fight is to know what an oppressor is and how a system operates from this oppression. The euro colonizers designs all the laws to neglect BLACK People from benefiting from the Land. The Black people are enslaved property on stolen land not able to benefit from the life they live! The payback for such atrocities can never be forgiven. Its the mind you must maintain against colonial genocide. This also happens with the endless rejection letters from art galleries etc. No respect to you! Sound Art? Tune in to these educated brothers as they deliver Personal Opinions for Brothers Perspective Audio Feedback #Reparations #diabetes #75dab #WilliamFroggieJames #lyching #basketball #nyc #fakereligion #war

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Condolences: Trugoy / David Jude Jolicoeur, founding member of the Prolific Group “De La Soul”, has passed at 54 years young!

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Condolences: Trugoy, one of the founding member of De La Soul, has passed at 54 young!

Born David Jolicoeur, Trugoy the Dove helped De La Soul become one of the singular, most innovative rap groups in history. David Jude Jolicoeur (September 21, 1968 – February 12, 2023), also known under the stage name Trugoy the Dove and more recently Dave, was an American rapper, producer, and one third of the hip hop trio De La Soul. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, but grew up in East Massapequa.

Jolicoeur, Vincent Mason and Kelvin Mercer were friends who attended the same high school in the Amityville area of Long Island during the 1980s. After they decided to form a rap group, each member re-christened themselves with an outlandish name (Trugoy the Dove, P.A. Pasemaster Mase and Posdnuos, respectively). Early on, Jolicoeur sported a unique style of African medallions, peace signs and uneven dreadlocks (known as the “De La Do”). Paired with the positive messages of the group’s debut effort, 3 Feet High and Rising, the image led to critics and journalists labelling the members as “the hippies of hip hop” (a title that the group was quick to refute with the release of the second album De La Soul Is Dead in 1991).

Jolicoeur is also a member of the Spitkicker collective. He is widely recognized for his rap in the second verse of the popular Gorillaz song “Feel Good Inc.”

Fresh: De La Soul “Smell The Da.I.S.Y.” Mixtape (Produced by J Dilla)

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Download “Smell The Da.I.S.Y.” at

Da Inner Soul of Yancy! Dilla forever!

Donations for Dilla

This playlist contains 13 tracks, total time: 59.42

De La Soul "Smell The Da.I.S.Y." Mixtape (Produced by J Dilla)

Fresh: De La Soul “Dilla Plugged In” (Produced By J Dilla)

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De La Soul "Dilla Plugged In" (Produced By J Dilla)

It’s been 25 Years since our “Three Feet High” release. We have a lot great memories and an incredible journey. Amazingly enough, our fans stuck around, supported and still want more. Ok, but before you get that, here’s a little De La over Dilla Beats.

Enjoy and look out for the new mixtape “Smell The DA.I.S.Y.” all beats by J Dilla. Peace… and in advance, You’re Welcome.

Legalize The Daisy Age!

Pos Dave & Mase

Upcoming Projects:
“Smell The DA.I.S.Y.” produced by J Dilla (Mixtape),
“Premiem Soul On The Rocks” produced by DJ Premier & Pete Rock (Mixtape)
“You’re Welcome” (Album)

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