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Music: dekon chro lar – asit foam (a soul in the form of a machine)

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asit foam (a soul in the form of a machine)

by dekon chro lar

asit foam (a soul in the form of a machine) cover art
  • asit foam (a soul in the form of a machine)

    Compact Disc (CD)

    cd and case artwork done by jeremiah. each art piece is a unique and one of a kind artistic expression.

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intro 00:19
vortex 03:35
breeze 02:58
81 04:12
dont wait 01:53
omega 03:36


The world will soon come to an end. All structures will evaporate and when the moon dims, a new day will begin.
A child was born in Nkynkm on Sunday morning. While Teachers taught and learners learned, life was sustaining. Life should sustain. That is lifeʼs only job. It doesnʼt need to do anything. It has a purpose that is narcissistic and not narcissistic simultaneously. In Nkynkm life is as it should be. There are no organized religions, schools based on economics, or government hiarchies based on greed and control. These inferior systems are obsolete and unnecessary. But I remember a time, in the old world, where these systems flourished.
The old world bred death and marketed life. It was ran by beings who had lost site of themselves along the way. Those lost beings were trusted and given the world. In return they became egotistical and power crazed. The lost turned life into a game. Who could control the most people? The game lasted for eons. It couldʼve destroyed everything.
Syna: were the children like us. how did they create?
Deʼkon: Yes Syna. There were children like you, but no… they were taught not to create.
Enar: Why would they teach children not to create?
Deʼkon: The teachers were confused.
Syna: Why were the teachers teaching if they were confused.
Deʼkon: Sigh(and smiling). The teachers did not know they were confused.
I am DeʼKon Chro Lar. I am one of the few natives of the old earth left. Many have decided that they would rather transcend into higher levels, while the rest of us stay to maintain this realmʼs balance. Before transcending, they fought by my side in the war of all wars.


released 08 August 2014

jeremiah, jago moonshine, tiffany mishe, syphne, juju bushman



all rights reserved

dekon chro lar – i wont run (song 1) [from a soul in the form of a machine]

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first release from “a soul in the form of a machine”

  • dekon chro lar: guitar, vocals
  • juju bushman: guitar
  • jago moonshine: drums

girl u know, i love u so
i promise baby, won’t let u go
i won’t run, i won’t run (2)
i wanna be, the god in me
fighting evil for u and me
baby i won’t run, i won’t run
and i will be alone and waiting for u to be back in my arms
when u bring you loving back into my world i won’t do u wrong
oooh i won’t run i won’t run
ooooh ooooh oooh i won’t run(2)


De’kon Chro Lar

  Artists are not supposed to rest well. Apparently, artists are supposed to always be hungry and sleep deprived. My drive is killing my body. I feel like i’m surviving on spurts of “fell the fuck out sleep” and “stomach take that poptart and shut the hell up food.” I know I have a bed, so why do i always wake up on couches and uncomfortable tables? Why? I’ll tell you why. I’m an artist. Even if I’ve never believed in myself…even if I never felt like I was good enough…for some reason,I do now…and I will not sleep,eat,drink,piss,or shit anything but my art until u know. know what? until u know who I am.  I wont stop until u sleep,eat,drink,piss and shit Then you’ll know that I am….the dopest.

Jago Moon aka
De’kon Chro Lar

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