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“Broke” is what they called Enslaved Blacks by Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta #ClassConscious #broke #AccuracyIsKey

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Earn Your Leisure. Rise & Grind. Secure the Bag.

“Broke” is what they called Enslaved Blacks who were seasoned and ready to enter the White Plantation Economy. Now today “Broke” is what we call Emancipated Blacks who’ve failed to integrate into the White Wage Economy.

Isn’t it more historically accurate to call Blacks who are Educated (aka: Seasoned), Trained (aka: Broken In), and Lawful (aka: Obedient), Broke?

The Blacks who’ve failed to make themselves worthy to work and receive the Master’s rewards were called (Wild) Bucks, not Broke or Broken In.

So the next time you wanna insult a Black person who has no money, no status, no property; a Black person who has a criminal record, who is “still sleeping on their mother’s couch; you should call them Bucks not Broke, cuz it’s more likely than not, your are the one who’s truly Broken. IJS.




Great Writing: White people and their Systems of Governance and Control by Diallo Kenyatta @diallokenyatta #diallokenyatta #blacklivesmatter

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There’s something I think we are missing as we assert that #BlackLivesMatter to White people and their Systems of Governance and Control.

When we say that #BlackLivesMatter, and we struggle to demonstrate that we are worthy of more than economic deprivation, brutal homicidal policing, substandard education, subhuman portrayals in the media, and all the other degrading conditions and practices the System subjects us to; when we assert that we are worthy of being treated as human-beings we are attacking the very self identity of White people. We are targeting their collective self identity; which is founded on Blacks being less-than, subhuman, savage, and criminal.

As we tell Whites that we are fully human, we seem to overlook that they’ve established a Global System of Governance, Culture, Economics, and Self-Identity based on denying our humanity. For Africans to be fully human it would render White people, their institutions and systems inhumane or anti-human; it would render all that Whites have built since they emerged from Europe and imposed themselves on the world, and every thing they’ve done and accomplished an illegitimate or criminal act. It would demonstrate that their wealth is stolen, that their oppression of us is not about justice but about sustaining an illegitimate system, it would literally render Whites as Savages, hi-tech Savages.

So, criminalizing and depriving us is crucial to their System, and even more importantly it is crucial to the White self-identity. If you study human behavior you will see that losing your identity is worse than death, people will fight harder for their identities than they will for their lives or the lives of their loved ones. A people will not surrender their identity if you ask them, not even if it means they will die if the don’t.

For Whites to be human they must see us, and render us to be subhuman. They create conditions that drive us to dysfunction, then they shame and punish us for our predicted responses to the conditions they imposed.

In their minds, Whites didn’t invade the world and kill billions, they explored the world and brought civilization, they didn’t enslave our ancestors, they saved them from starvation and backwardness in African (the starvation and backwardness that they imposed), Cops are not killing the elderly, children, and Black citizens, they are protecting society from thugs, scum, criminals, and degenerations. They are not bombing people communities in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, they are bombing terrorist (terrorist they armed, funded, and trained). It goes on like this throughout Western History.

Our humanity, survival, and advancement puts us in direct conflict with White Self-Identity; thus there can be no reform, no law, no policy that will change the fundamental practices of this system and how it treats us. Just study all the Constitutional Amendments, laws, and reforms that have been imposed since the Reconstruction Era; no matter how hard we fight, and how many laws the government passes, we always end up right back here; Blacks being abused and dehumanized, Whites asserting that it is their right (or lawful) to abuse and dehumanize us.

Now, you #NewNegros, I know yall just gon accuse me of attacking your beloved White folks, and blaming them for Black people’s self imposed problems, I know yall think Black people are inherently fucked up or dysfunctional, but there are many Whites who have done the research and reached the same conclusions.

These White scholars has confessed that “the European’s relationship with the planet earth and its other inhabitants has been akin to the effects that a virus or cancer has on a living organism.” Some of them have understood that “Western Culture has a Death Urge,” an unquenchable drive to kill everything. Now these Whites who tell the truth about Western Culture and its impacts are driven out of White Institutions and are rarely allowed on White Media, so we don’t know of them, but if you are sincere about understanding the state of the world, and you do research, you will find these scholars and their writings. I did.

So, as Dr. Khalid Muhammad and Chancellor Williams both articulated; there can be no peace, integration, or even civil relations between Africans and Whites; Williams wrote that Whites are our “eternal, bitter enemy, our implacable foe.” These are sober conclusions, not hateful rantings.

Whites ostracize, incarcerate, or kill other Whites who recognize the humanity of Black people, so how do we expect to convince the White masses to accept our humanity, or our human rights, or our right to live without being attacked, molested, mutilated, exposed to toxic substances, raped, mass incarcerated, mocked, degraded, and exploited?

Some, like Malcolm X who understood this asserted that we need separation, but because the pollutions, nuclear fallout, and ecocide don’t recognize national borders, there is no way to separate form the impacts of White Aggression.

Some, like Derrick Jensen assert that the Whites who understand the impacts and ultimate trajectory of Western Culture asserts that they consciously and deliberately destroy (Western) Civilization, employing all means at their disposal, from protest to armed insurrection. The problem is, we are being killed and oppressed as such a rate that there could possibly be no African left by the time this solution is fully actualized.

Some like Thom Hartmann assert that Campaign Finance Reform!, and ending Corporate Person-hood is the answer, but we’ve seen Whites impose progressive reforms in the US and Western Europe in the past yet maintain their oppressive and genocidal policies against Black people.

Some, like Dr Claud Anderson assert that we should organize and secure the needed resources and institutions to live fully dignified lives using Group Based Economics, fight for and secure Reparations, and defend ourselves legally from oppression and White Aggression. This appears to be viable on the surface, but it ignores the fact that Whites have repeatedly violated their own laws and policies when Blacks organized to take full advantage of those laws and policies. Like Mos Def Official said, “we start keeping pace they start changing up the tempo.”

Some like Obama and AG Lynch assert they we must obey the law no matter how it is enforced on our communities, and only protest atrocities according to how those who commit the atrocities allow us to.

Some say to “wait on, and trust in God,” some say “vote,” some say “get yours, do you, get money, fuck niggaz, fuck hoez, and fuck the world,” some say “education,” some say “Black businesses,” some say “free you mind,” as your body is targeted and full of industrial chemicals.

As you engage the struggle, you will be fed so many responses and solutions.

I will not even get into the solutions I embrace (but they are articulated throughout my post if you care to look or unite with me), I just want to offer this insight, because we are yet again forced to face what we generally are able to overlook; that we are a hated, surround, and oppressed population under an ongoing policy of repression and genocide; with little to no capacity to defend ourselves or secure justice in this system.

The slow genocide we are being subjected to has had a portion of the cover pulled back, and we are Reacting, and will continue to React until the small corner of the larger agenda that’s been revealed is cover over again. I’m sure it will be covered by the hoopla surround the Money vs. Pac-Man fight, or some other Bread and circuses-type event.

I need us to understand what we are up against, and why our oppression has survived for so many generations, it ain’t because we Black, but because they Lack, it is because they are White.

And again, if you are so indoctrinated in self-hatred and self-rejection that you conclude that I’m posting this to make excuses for “no-good Niggaz,” then look at what Whites say when they are being honest about who they are and why they do what they do.

I’ve learned most of what I know about Whites from talking to and reading Whites, and I don’t discourage you from doing the same. Understanding Whites will make us more effective in our struggles than hating Whites. And if you already love Whites, the best thing you can do for them is to struggle to remove them form power, because they will not survive Global White Domination either, more and more Whites appear to be coming to this understanding.

(Note: This is not about your personal relationship with White individuals, this is about the sum total impacts and affects of hundreds of years of Western Culture and History. We all know Whites who are are powerless, more ignorant than Black people about how the world works, or that we are cool with, none of that impacts what’s being said here, or what we as a people need to do. Don’t allow the fact that you like, love, or are related to a White person demobilize or paralyze you. I’m tired of getting caught up in debates about the goodness of individual Whites as we work to understand and counter the Global Omnicidal Systems and Institutions of White Domination.) by diallokenyatta

Reparations is: Global Decolonization by Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta #Yurugu 1/25/2023

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Reparations is: Global Decolonization by Diallo Kenyatta

@DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta #Yurugu 1/25/2023

Reparations is: Global Decolonization, the full withdrawal of the US Military from non-US Territories, Restoration of Global Ecosystems, Sustainable Energy, Ecological Development, Prison & Police Abolition, Imperialist War Crime Trails, Revocation of Corporate Charters, Universal Healthcare, Housing as a Human Right, Return of Stolen Artifacts, Redistribution of Land, Nationalization of Natural Resources, Repatriation, Ban on Persistent Organic Pollutants, Ban on Plastics, Cradle-to-Grave Production Cycles…etc.

Those who have reduced Reparations to a payout of US Fiat Currency are literally Pimping the Suffering of our Ancestors for transient, depreciating paper.

ADOS & #FBA are Ponzi Scams carried out by Race Traitors.

FiatAintFreedom #ProfitIsTheft #AntiCapitalist #KillCap #ClassCon #ClassWar

Systems of Global White Oppression by Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta #Yurugu 12/18/2022

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Do you ever wonder who was the brilliant White Supremacist who figured out that the White Elite could continue their military and economic domination of the world, continue to “legitimately” hold the lands that they brutally colonized and settled, and allow the “lesser races” to join them in the administration and defense of the Systems of Global White Domination, by simply modernizing and changing the language of oppression and domination.

Who told them that they didn’t need physical chains if they simply used debt, job security, and petty material rewards to hold people in bondage and prevent them from abandoning the White economy?

Who told them that they simply had to replace titles like Slave, Coon, Ni&&er, and Monkey, with more socially acceptable terms like Urban, Underachiever, Inmate, Poor, Welfare Recipient, and Human Resource?

Who told them that they could still Hunt, Brutalize, and Kill Black people for sport, if they just did it under the titles of military, police, and correction officers, or they’d have to get their thrill kills away from the eyes of the mainstream media in the so-called 3rd World?

Who told them that allowing a small segment of the Black population to accumulate millions or even billions of dollars ( Fiat currency) would be of no consequence to the overall global power balance? How the hell did they know that this “Black Elite” would have no desire to build independent Black Power and Infrastructure, that they would be happy to only consume that which Whites were willing to sell them?

Who told them that they could still satisfy their strong desire to see us degraded and as sub-humans if they stopped allowing Whites to portray us in Black-Face, and simply allowed Black actors to do the shucking and jiving, and allowed Black writers, directors, and producers to take the credit?

How did they know it would be OK for them to allow us to take on African names, to wear Kente cloth and Mud cloth, to talk about the Great African Achievements of the past, and to give us a whole month (the shortest and coldest) to reflect on our heritage and history; how did they know that all this action would not be Revolutionary or server as a rally point for the Black Liberation Struggle? How did they know we’d only use our history to inflate our egos without doing any thing to create a grand history for our descendants to reflect upon?

How did they know that they could still kidnap, indoctrinate, and sexually exploit our children at levels unheard of since the era of Chattel slavery, that all they had to do was form agencies like DCFS, HUD, WIC, etc, that made us dependent on the State, and our homes open to their routine intrusion.

How did they know that if they gave Africans a token Black president that they could intensify their war against the Black community, and their atrocities around the world and we’d cheer him on in utter ignorance and blind support?

How did they know if they gave the average Black person in America the slightest opportunity to deny the reality of our situation we’d take hold of it and never let go, that if they just cracked the window of promised assimilation and integration that we’d run through it and slam it shut behind us?

I didn’t intend to end the post like this but I’m going to stop here.

Those of you who understand and are willing to work with, and support our efforts I cannot express how much I truly appreciate you all; Past, Present and Future Allies.

We must leave our children more than a fucking token position withing a doomed and omnicidal system, we are more than this, we must be more than this!


Systems of Global White Oppression by Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta #Yurugu 12/18/2022

“White Hegemony: White Beast, Thugs, Monsters, Sick, etc.” by Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #Yurugu

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I stated that White Privilege should more accurately be called White Pathology & several BLK PPL got so angry with me, one even suggested I must be high on drugs to arrive a such a conclusion.

Here’s why so many BP insist on embracing the White Privilege Myth:.

Some BP are so invested in becoming like WP that they can’t accept the pathological nature of these people or their systems because then they’d have to admit that they desire to be pathological themselves.

Everyone wants privileges, no one wants Pathology, so Integrationist insist on calling their Oppressors privileged.

Privileges are what you give to well behaved children, not Genocidal Maniacs.

Another hint your labeling is off is when the Oppressors fully embrace the title & concept of White Privilege cuz doesn’t hit deep enough. SMH

BLKs & WYTs are under the delusion that Whites are Privileged, Racist believe they earned & deserve the privileges, liberals believe they should share the privileges with Non-Whites. Radicals understand that taking & holding onto unjust power & resources by using violence & manipulation isn’t privilege at all.

That’s why we don’t call Cancer: Cellular Privilege, it’s a pathology. We don’t call Rape: Sexual Privilege. We don’t call theft: Property Privilege. We shouldn’t call Racism & White Hegemony: White Privilege!

Finally if BP were behaving like WP no one would have any problems calling them “Beast, Thugs, Monsters, Sick, etc.” No one would call them Privileged.

But many of y’all still worship WP & feel compelled to use respectful & flattering terms even when you criticize them, that’s the fucking Slave Mentality.🤦🏿‍♂️


Ain’t no such thing as “Just Music.” by Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta

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Ain’t no such thing as “Just Music.”

Music is one of the most powerful cultural, economic, & political forces that humans have invented.

Every single significant Historical Epoch, Ideological Framework, & Mass Movement is inspired, spread, advanced, & sustained by Music!🎺

Both Oppressive & Liberation ideologies have their own musical genres & catalogs.

There is Imperialist Music, Nazi Music, Colonizer Music, Capitalist Music, Christian Music, Fascist Music, White Supremacy Music.

There is Black Power Music, Decolonization Music, Pan-African, Civil Rights Music, Socialist Music, Women’s Liberation Music.

All Music is advocating for or representing a World View & Social Theory, especially the Music that presents itself as apolitical or Pop Music.

So if you believe that Music is Just Music & a Song is Just a Song you are politically & historically illiterate, & you need to Cultivate your critical thinking & media analysis skills.

Building on this understanding, the Black Community must come to terms with the fact that the most popular & successful Black performers & Music are what Del Jones termed “Anti-African Propaganda.” They are subversive to the interest & advancement of the Black Community.

Please make a conscious effort to produce, promote, & elevate Revolutionary, Pan-African Music & Artist.



Ain’t Gonna Find One: Painless, Safe, and Risk-Free Way to end the Violence and Homicides by Diallo Kenyatta @diallokenyatta #diallokenyatta (7-14-2013)

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For those looking for a painless, safe, and risk-free way to end the violence and homicides in South Chicago, and Black communities throughout the US; I’m sorry but you ain’t gonna find one.

There are very powerful interest, who dwell far from our communities who profit greatly from the status-quo, and if you take steps to make Black communities save, empowered, and sustainable; you will disrupt their profits, their power, and their long-term agendas. So you are facing a dangerous internal enemy, and an even more dangerous, more violent, more criminal, wealthier, and more powerful external enemy. You should understand this if you want to address this issue with more than just Facebook post.

Many ignore the more powerful external enemies who wear tailored suits, and only focus on the internal enemy who prefer sagging True Religion Brand Jeans. That is a half measure and a tactic that will not only fail to reduce violence, but generate more self-hate, internal divisions, and Black flight from Black communities. If you must go after one enemy on this issue it should be the enemy that put this whole thing in motion, and derives the all the profit from the chaos.

There is only one proven method to stop oppressed, undereducated, and violent youth from killing each other, and that’s to refocus their aggression toward that external enemy; that’s how all other oppressed communities have managed to stop their youth from cannibalizing each other and eventually won full or partial liberation.

In the Warsaw Ghetto, the Jewish youth who failed to embrace the Resistance movement were attacking and killing other Jewish youth in the ghettp, they would participate in the illegal smuggling trade, and rape Jewish girls who were often too weak to resist due to starvation and illness. Not until the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising did those Jewish thugs realize that they needed to focus on the Nazis, not on getting by and attacking their own.

The same is true of Palestinian youth before the 1987 First Intifada. Palestinian youth would form gangs, and engage in vandalism, the smuggling trade, rapes, and murders. Throughout the Gaza Strip and the Israeli-occupied territories; police would find bodies of Arab youth who’d been stabbed to death, with dozens of stab wounds that were inflected by other Arab youth. When the resistance was formalized by the Palestine Liberation Organization, Arab gang violence came to a halt, and the youth turned their attention to the common enemy.

The trend has been repeated throughout history and all over the world. Those that fail to Revolutionize their youth in the face of oppression will face ongoing oppression or genocide, like the Native Americans and Africans in America.

Our oppressors understand this better than we seem to. That is way they will destroy organizations like the The Black Panther Party in just a couple of years, but allow violent street gangs to thrive for decades. You will never see this government enact a COINTELPRO against Black criminals or their organizations, but even non-violent intergraionist like SNCC and SCLC get the hammer when they start to move the youth from criminality to community connectedness and responsibility.

So if you want to save the youth you must radicalize the youth, you must educate, equip, and guide them for Revolution; not jobs, not mandated indoctrination(schooling), not god, and not the F-ing US military!

Please check out Guerrillas by Johan Lee Anderson for some additional history on youth radicalization.

#repost: Stop Falling for & regurgitating the lives of Capitalism & the Capitalist by Diallo Kenyatta @diallokenyatta #brodiallo #think #capitlism #AfricanWorldCoalition #knowledge #research

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All these stupid people saying that Inflation is the result of giving struggling people free money during the Pandemic, please explain why there was no runaway inflation when trillions of free money was given to Multinational Corporations?

The trillions given to banks after their fraudulent practices collapsed tbe housing market, the trillions given to the auto industry after decades of mismanagement, the trillions given to address the Savings & Loan collapse after decades of criminal actions! Hell, we can go back over 100 years & look at the trillions given to railroad, oil, & shipping barons!

They been running this “giving to the poor causes catastrophe” but “giving to the rich leads to prosperity” scam since the founding of the US & y’all still falling for the bullshit!

The Federal Reserve is constantly giving “free money” to the elite parasites & their companies, but wanna pretend that Inflation & other economic ills are driven by giving money back to only the people who generate wealth: The Working Classes!

Stop falling for & regurgitating the lives of Capitalism & the Capitalist.

NoWarButClassWar #ClassCon
WarProfiteering #DisasterCapitalism #ProfitIsTheft #PriceGouging #CorporareGreed #ArtificialScarcity
CapitalismIsTheProblem #Kleptocracy #SocialismSaves

#repost “Two White men deciding The Fate of An Earth” Courtesy of Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta

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“Two White men deciding the fate of an earth that is majority non-White while we all praying they get along is evidence that we are all insane & the world is upside down!” – Amos N. Wilson

Dr. Wilson said this way back in 1986 about Ronald Reagan & Mikhail Gorbachev during their historic Nuclear Summit. Here we are in 2022 in the exact same situation! We’re still held hostage & all life on the planet is threaten by two Racist White men & the Systems they represent.

We have not progressed as a People or even as Species! We don’t even have advocates for Liberation at the forefront of our community anymore. It’s like Black Liberation is a relic from Black History text books instead of a Desire & Agenda.

We need a Revolution, we need to end Capitalism, end Imperialism, & end Global White Hegemony before it ends everything.

RIP & HBD Amos N. Wilson.

Heed: #AmosNWilson

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The “Generational Wealth” you’re building under Capitalism & White Hegemony is going to be spent on by Diallo Kenyetta @diallokenyatta #diallokenyatta

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The “Generational Wealth” you’re building under Capitalism & White Hegemony is going to be spent on:

1 Heavily armed security to defend them from the starving masses….(until their paid guards decide to turn on them).

2 Perpetual moving fees to escape floods, fires, droughts, & civil unrest brought about by climate change.

3 Medical bills stemming from the spread of exotic diseases unleashed due to global warming & eroding public infrastructure.

5 Hoarding food & other essentials due to climate driven crop failures & food shortages.🍟

6 Air purification devices & breathing apparatuses due to the increasing concentration of air pollutants.☣️

7 Water purification & hoarding due to salt water contamination of fresh water sources & pollutants.

8 Fortified homes within fortified gated communities within a jingoistic nation behind Militarized borders to stop the flow of climate refugees & defend against those who didn’t inherit generational Wealth.

9 Stuffed replicas of all of the extinct animals they’ll never have an opportunity to see IRL.🐻‍❄️

10 Tickets on the space shuttles owned by racist trillionaires to escape the planet when the Ecosystems fully collapse due to Capitalist Hyper-Exploitation & Global Warming. (Even though there’s nowhere for humanity to escape to beyond earth.)

So keep grinding & hustling to leave your offspring Deeds, NFTs, Crypto, Fiat, IP, & Precious Metals while ignoring the toll Capitalist Wealth Accumulation is having on the planet.

I’m sure your descendants will appreciate how hard you worked to leave them everything except a viable planet to live on.

WeNeedARevolution #AbolishCapitalism #RevoltOrDie #BLKPWR #EcologyOverEconomy

BlackWealth #FiatAintFreedom #CripToe

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