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Ain’t no such thing as “Just Music.” by Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta

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Ain’t no such thing as “Just Music.”

Music is one of the most powerful cultural, economic, & political forces that humans have invented.

Every single significant Historical Epoch, Ideological Framework, & Mass Movement is inspired, spread, advanced, & sustained by Music!🎺

Both Oppressive & Liberation ideologies have their own musical genres & catalogs.

There is Imperialist Music, Nazi Music, Colonizer Music, Capitalist Music, Christian Music, Fascist Music, White Supremacy Music.

There is Black Power Music, Decolonization Music, Pan-African, Civil Rights Music, Socialist Music, Women’s Liberation Music.

All Music is advocating for or representing a World View & Social Theory, especially the Music that presents itself as apolitical or Pop Music.

So if you believe that Music is Just Music & a Song is Just a Song you are politically & historically illiterate, & you need to Cultivate your critical thinking & media analysis skills.

Building on this understanding, the Black Community must come to terms with the fact that the most popular & successful Black performers & Music are what Del Jones termed “Anti-African Propaganda.” They are subversive to the interest & advancement of the Black Community.

Please make a conscious effort to produce, promote, & elevate Revolutionary, Pan-African Music & Artist.



Ain’t Gonna Find One: Painless, Safe, and Risk-Free Way to end the Violence and Homicides by Diallo Kenyatta @diallokenyatta #diallokenyatta (7-14-2013)

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For those looking for a painless, safe, and risk-free way to end the violence and homicides in South Chicago, and Black communities throughout the US; I’m sorry but you ain’t gonna find one.

There are very powerful interest, who dwell far from our communities who profit greatly from the status-quo, and if you take steps to make Black communities save, empowered, and sustainable; you will disrupt their profits, their power, and their long-term agendas. So you are facing a dangerous internal enemy, and an even more dangerous, more violent, more criminal, wealthier, and more powerful external enemy. You should understand this if you want to address this issue with more than just Facebook post.

Many ignore the more powerful external enemies who wear tailored suits, and only focus on the internal enemy who prefer sagging True Religion Brand Jeans. That is a half measure and a tactic that will not only fail to reduce violence, but generate more self-hate, internal divisions, and Black flight from Black communities. If you must go after one enemy on this issue it should be the enemy that put this whole thing in motion, and derives the all the profit from the chaos.

There is only one proven method to stop oppressed, undereducated, and violent youth from killing each other, and that’s to refocus their aggression toward that external enemy; that’s how all other oppressed communities have managed to stop their youth from cannibalizing each other and eventually won full or partial liberation.

In the Warsaw Ghetto, the Jewish youth who failed to embrace the Resistance movement were attacking and killing other Jewish youth in the ghettp, they would participate in the illegal smuggling trade, and rape Jewish girls who were often too weak to resist due to starvation and illness. Not until the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising did those Jewish thugs realize that they needed to focus on the Nazis, not on getting by and attacking their own.

The same is true of Palestinian youth before the 1987 First Intifada. Palestinian youth would form gangs, and engage in vandalism, the smuggling trade, rapes, and murders. Throughout the Gaza Strip and the Israeli-occupied territories; police would find bodies of Arab youth who’d been stabbed to death, with dozens of stab wounds that were inflected by other Arab youth. When the resistance was formalized by the Palestine Liberation Organization, Arab gang violence came to a halt, and the youth turned their attention to the common enemy.

The trend has been repeated throughout history and all over the world. Those that fail to Revolutionize their youth in the face of oppression will face ongoing oppression or genocide, like the Native Americans and Africans in America.

Our oppressors understand this better than we seem to. That is way they will destroy organizations like the The Black Panther Party in just a couple of years, but allow violent street gangs to thrive for decades. You will never see this government enact a COINTELPRO against Black criminals or their organizations, but even non-violent intergraionist like SNCC and SCLC get the hammer when they start to move the youth from criminality to community connectedness and responsibility.

So if you want to save the youth you must radicalize the youth, you must educate, equip, and guide them for Revolution; not jobs, not mandated indoctrination(schooling), not god, and not the F-ing US military!

Please check out Guerrillas by Johan Lee Anderson for some additional history on youth radicalization.

#repost: Stop Falling for & regurgitating the lives of Capitalism & the Capitalist by Diallo Kenyatta @diallokenyatta #brodiallo #think #capitlism #AfricanWorldCoalition #knowledge #research

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All these stupid people saying that Inflation is the result of giving struggling people free money during the Pandemic, please explain why there was no runaway inflation when trillions of free money was given to Multinational Corporations?

The trillions given to banks after their fraudulent practices collapsed tbe housing market, the trillions given to the auto industry after decades of mismanagement, the trillions given to address the Savings & Loan collapse after decades of criminal actions! Hell, we can go back over 100 years & look at the trillions given to railroad, oil, & shipping barons!

They been running this “giving to the poor causes catastrophe” but “giving to the rich leads to prosperity” scam since the founding of the US & y’all still falling for the bullshit!

The Federal Reserve is constantly giving “free money” to the elite parasites & their companies, but wanna pretend that Inflation & other economic ills are driven by giving money back to only the people who generate wealth: The Working Classes!

Stop falling for & regurgitating the lives of Capitalism & the Capitalist.

NoWarButClassWar #ClassCon
WarProfiteering #DisasterCapitalism #ProfitIsTheft #PriceGouging #CorporareGreed #ArtificialScarcity
CapitalismIsTheProblem #Kleptocracy #SocialismSaves

#repost “Two White men deciding The Fate of An Earth” Courtesy of Diallo Kenyatta @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta

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“Two White men deciding the fate of an earth that is majority non-White while we all praying they get along is evidence that we are all insane & the world is upside down!” – Amos N. Wilson

Dr. Wilson said this way back in 1986 about Ronald Reagan & Mikhail Gorbachev during their historic Nuclear Summit. Here we are in 2022 in the exact same situation! We’re still held hostage & all life on the planet is threaten by two Racist White men & the Systems they represent.

We have not progressed as a People or even as Species! We don’t even have advocates for Liberation at the forefront of our community anymore. It’s like Black Liberation is a relic from Black History text books instead of a Desire & Agenda.

We need a Revolution, we need to end Capitalism, end Imperialism, & end Global White Hegemony before it ends everything.

RIP & HBD Amos N. Wilson.

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The “Generational Wealth” you’re building under Capitalism & White Hegemony is going to be spent on by Diallo Kenyetta @diallokenyatta #diallokenyatta

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The “Generational Wealth” you’re building under Capitalism & White Hegemony is going to be spent on:

1 Heavily armed security to defend them from the starving masses….(until their paid guards decide to turn on them).

2 Perpetual moving fees to escape floods, fires, droughts, & civil unrest brought about by climate change.

3 Medical bills stemming from the spread of exotic diseases unleashed due to global warming & eroding public infrastructure.

5 Hoarding food & other essentials due to climate driven crop failures & food shortages.🍟

6 Air purification devices & breathing apparatuses due to the increasing concentration of air pollutants.☣️

7 Water purification & hoarding due to salt water contamination of fresh water sources & pollutants.

8 Fortified homes within fortified gated communities within a jingoistic nation behind Militarized borders to stop the flow of climate refugees & defend against those who didn’t inherit generational Wealth.

9 Stuffed replicas of all of the extinct animals they’ll never have an opportunity to see IRL.🐻‍❄️

10 Tickets on the space shuttles owned by racist trillionaires to escape the planet when the Ecosystems fully collapse due to Capitalist Hyper-Exploitation & Global Warming. (Even though there’s nowhere for humanity to escape to beyond earth.)

So keep grinding & hustling to leave your offspring Deeds, NFTs, Crypto, Fiat, IP, & Precious Metals while ignoring the toll Capitalist Wealth Accumulation is having on the planet.

I’m sure your descendants will appreciate how hard you worked to leave them everything except a viable planet to live on.

WeNeedARevolution #AbolishCapitalism #RevoltOrDie #BLKPWR #EcologyOverEconomy

BlackWealth #FiatAintFreedom #CripToe

Video: Welfare & the Destruction of The Black Family @diallokenyetta #BlackFamily #SingleMothers #Welfare #NuclearFamily #Feminism #Womanism #Genocide #Liberation #BLKPWR #BroDiallo

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Plantation Auction Block language @diallokenyetta #diallokenyetta

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I warned about the commodification of Black Relationships & Intimacy years ago, yet mutha*uckas double down on that bullshit. All this talk of “High Value Man/Woman” based on Fiat Currency & Titles bestowed by our Oppressors is literally Plantation Auction Block language! That weird dude with the purse is a clown yet yall think he’s wise; that’s Mentacide.





Repost: “THEY KILLING US BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE!!!!” by Diallo Kenyatta (2015) @DialloKenyatta #DialloKenyatta

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Again, allow me to remind the community of some of the wisdom our elder Dick Gregory has shared with us:
Stop saying that; “they did this or that to us because we Black,” it’s simply inaccurate.
These police homicides and other atrocities ain’t being committed against us because we Black…it’s because they White!!!

Put the negative on them, not our skin color. They committing atrocities because they White, not because we Black!
When we say that they do it because we Black, that means that if we could somehow not be Black, or if we were not present, then there would be no atrocities; and the history of Western culture proves that to be untrue.
If it wasn’t us, it would be the Natives, if not the Natives it would be the Asians, if not the Asians it would be those who worship the wrong Gods, if not them then their own damn women and children, it would be animals, it would be the very ecosystems of the planet. Hell, not “if,” it is us and the rest.

They kill and oppress based on some internal flaw, not because of what they see before them.
So, the next time they stick a camera in any of our faces please yell; “THEY KILLING US BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE!!!!”
Say; “hide yo wife, hide yo kidz, hide yo husbands, and hide all the living creatures and the world’s ecosystems, cuz dey killing every thang out chea!!”

As we change our understanding, interpretation, and articulations of what happens to us and in the world, we can then begin to change our actions and the political and economic situation in this world.

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Information: If I Ruled the World: Serious Grassroots Solutions – diallo kenyatta #diallokenyatta #BroDiallo #BLKPWR #CWBA @diallokenyatta

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If I Ruled the World: Serious Grassroots Solutions #diallokenyatta


Information: BDS – diallo kenyatta @diallokenyatta #diallokenyatta #bds

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