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Art: 2018 free your mind from colonial oppression (green hoodie) art by marcellous lovelace @infinito2017 #marcellouslovelace #africanart #75dab

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2018 free your mind from colonial oppression (green hoodie) art by marcellous lovelace#politicalart #Biko70 #Raygun81 #hueart Self love will force you to love self minus Hateful approval. #origin #art #painting #blackart We don’t need you you are not important. We are not here to conform or integrate into your corrupt system. We do not sale our own people out or honor your creed. We know you are a lie and a land thief who serves the living no purpose. We do not care about your well being or your industry. We do not want to learn or be educated by your racist schools. We do not honor or follow any of your laws. We are against any colonial oppressor eating, sleeping or living a comfortable life. We do not want the colonial oppressor to survive. We are against your stupidity, sex, government and psychological advancement in all forms. These painting detail the end of all colonialist nomads existence. We are against you killing native people all over the world. We are against you killing unarmed people of original color. We do not need you or want to associate with your tricknology. We are only here to disrupt everything you think will benefit you. We don’t need you you are not important.

Advance The Black Male

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Art by Marcellous Lovelace

Art by Marcellous Lovelace

Lets start developing our young Brothers to be more respectful to themselves and not pursue every woman they see. Imagine if when we are young Boy’s we are taught to be with certain woman meaning the right woman or a woman that they could be with for life. Boy’s should not live their lives with an emotional detachment from the girls they supposedly love. Men can live their entire lives searching for the right vibration from a significant other not knowing that the truest love starts from within. Never womanize or take advantage of another person. Lets teach young men to develop themselves, be compatible, share, build, sacrifice and nurture. We are here to advance one another and coexist.

Lets stop living in an imaginary opaque reality and come into color. Survival is the word of the day lets stop the personal neglect of our young men. Lets stop allowing them to pursue sexual desire over common sense as a means to survive. Intelligence outlasts any desire in life.

words from Contributor: Marcellous Lovelace

Marcellous Lovelace – Exposed Emotions in Color

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new art video from Chicago Based Artist …


check out the work of Marcellous Lovelace

Exposed Emotions in Color Marcellous Lovelace

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An Exhibition of New Art Works by Marcellous Lovelace
OPENING NOVEMBER 2, 2012 from 5:30 pm until 9:30 pm
At Marshall Arts Gallery 639 Marshall Ave, Memphis, TN 38103

Afro Beat, Soul, Conscious Hip Hop and Jazz music provided by live DJShow will run until Nov 16th 2012

Boundaries from oppression have limited colored people of the globe from co-existing in the greater rewards bestowed from nature. From the Inside of neglect an open eye can monitor correctly the accuracy that’s supposed to be formed without permission. Nature has already predetermined that it is savage to chattel a population and direct them into a way of life that is foreign to them. It is of an evil mentality to formulate projected living formally known as socialized housing and institute laws that will keep those mind states at war amongst each other for generations inside a supposed civilized society. This same train of thought is spread throughout teaching systems across the union and slave states in the lands in which we were born. We exist in a place where violence is promoted in all forms of communication as well the entertainment outlets all over the territories. Human beings train themselves to accept conditioning that will later control all of their thought patterns for life. Children will be born from this disregard that will not attain the proper positioning to mature away from this attitude. The results of this will lead to more human trafficking, people as personal property, social incompetence, emotional anarchy and a world where people will never learn to think for themselves. The outcome of being forced in to servitude combined with racial conflicts produced by colonial control worldwide should make any group of demoralized citizens more driven to educate themselves and learn how to reverse the cycle.

Dignity and confidence is suppose to be a personal ability not something you learn after being required to obliterate your ability to walk on your own two feet. What type of individual creates a worst case scenario than expect a legless victim to repair the entire situation unaided. Never accept where you were placed, it’s your job to get up and run and never be defined by some ones definition of color!

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