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Underground Feed Back Stereo (Provocative Listening Band Frequency) Mixed by ML7102 @culturepower45 @philmoregreene @fatnicemc #ml7102

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Underground Feed Back Stereo (PROCOCATIVE)

Underground Feed Back Stereo (Provocative Listening Band Frequency) Mixed by
ML7102 #undergroundfeedbackstereo #ML7102

ML7102 X Mannie Fresh – Ha [Instrumental] (intro)
Ayalew Mesfin – Libe Menta Hone (Ethiopia 1975)
Illegal – We Getz Buzy (prod by Eric Sermon)
Philmore Greene – Reagonomics (prod by Rashid Hadee)
Fatnice – This [Shane Great Remix]
A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It
Unorthodox Poets Society – Shopping Cart Ride (Prod by Dj Waht)
Gil Scott Heron X Brian Jackson – Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams)
Masters of Illusion – The Bay Area Bronx Bridge (prod by Kut Master Kurt)
Nancy Wilson – If I could
The Geaux – Reset (Beat) (Culture Power45)
9th Scientist ft Quantic – Green
Wee Be Foolish – The Main Attraction (Beat)
Sun Ra – When There Is No Sun
Nkruma Ochieng – Playoff Nite (Keys To The Soul Mix)
Fe La Kuti – Kalakuta Show
84 (Aul Purpis x Fatnice x Blaak The 9th Mann) – Right On Time (Culture

Fresh Video: The Legion – Keep Your Eyes Open

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The Legion
“Keep Your Eyes Open”
Produced by The Legion
Recorded and mixed by The Legion at D&D Studios, NYC
Legion Records/Ill Adrenaline Records
Directed by Jimmy Giambrone & The Legion

Puchase/pre-order a physical copy of “Keep Your Eyes Open” (7″ vinyl) here: (very limited colored vinyl available!)

Cop “Keep Your Eyes Open / Street Truth” on iTunes:

The Legion is back with some more BX rawness for your ears! Following the success of their 7-inch “Straight Flow / Automatic Systematic” from earlier this year, the Bronx trio (Chucky Smash, Molecules and Cee-Low) hits you with two more unreleased tracks before the Black Sheep/DITC affiliates bless the hip-hop world with a brand new album. “Keep Your Eyes Open” and “Street Truth” are two certified bangers recorded back in 1995 at the infamous D&D Studios, NYC.




@LegionSmash, @DiceBX, @MoleculesBX, @ILLADRENALINE

Interview 2012: Grap Luva “I am the one they call the G.R.A.P”

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Interview 2012: Grap Luva “I am the one they call the G.R.A.P”

Grap Luva Interview by D. Jackson:

Will you be voting in the upcoming presidential election, if so, why?

No, I am not voting. I am gonna leave it right there because in America, people make it almost taboo to say that you are not voting when it is actually an individual’s choice whether to vote or not. Politics = POLYTRICKS…for me at least.

As a producer what process do you go through when it comes to making beats?

I am really not making beats like I used to, but my process was to find my drums first and go from there. I gave away too much right there!! LOL!!

How did you get the name Grap Luva?

My twitter name speaks to that! @HEVnamedmeGRAP that’s it. It is a culmination of my first, middle and last name. My cousin Heavy-D gave it to me (miss U much Big Cuz). He solidified it by saying it on “Gyrlz They Love Me” on the BIG TYME album. I added the Luva cuz I am a “Luva” of many things!

What is your tool of choice when it comes to making beats: past, present and future?

The only machine I ever used was the SP1200, past, present and future. I am going to learn the MPC one day soon! I also need to learn a keyboard or two also!

What are your top three album covers in relation to artwork?

Public Enemy’s “Fear of a Black Planet”, ATCQ’s Midnight Marauders, and The Wailers’ “Catch A Fire” cover that opens up like a lighter, those are 3 ILL covers for me!!

As a MC, producer, and just all around hip-hop aficionado what do you see as your commitment pertaining to the progression of the culture?

I am committed to creating great music, and working with great and like-minded people who share a similar vibe with where I am in the culture and music of Hip-Hop.

Were you a MC first or producer?

I wanted to be a producer first because I am super critical with my emceeing. I still consider myself a producer first even though I have not produced a lot of music as of lately.

I know that your father was some sort of record king, talk about growing up in that kind of environment with that type of influence as well as just the importance of having a father around?

My dad was an AVID record collector!! As long as I could remember, my Dad came home with records EVERY DAY! I truly believe that I developed my musical ear from the exposure to music that my Dad bestowed upon me. Fathers, be good Dads to your kids and help them manifest their dreams, it is SO IMPORTANT!!!

What was the first record you can remember purchasing?

The first record that I bought was “Pack Jam” by the Jonzun Crew. It was a dope record to pop and boogie to!

What was the first song you can remember hearing that encouraged you to sample it and make a beat from it?

It was probably a Dorothy Ashby record, probably something in the jazz genre I’m sure.

Who are your top five producers of all time?

Top 5: James Brown, Leon F. Sylvers, J-Dilla, The Bomb Squad, and my brother, PR…gotta add Carl McIntosh , Madlib, OhNo, Primo and Large Professor(I love his name!)!! Jake One is dope too! Ha! I know you said 5 but!!

If you could rhyme on any beat that’s been created what would it be and why?

I would probably have to go with one of my brother’s earlier SP1200 beats because they stimulate me to write…also there is a couple of Dilla instrumentals that I would love to lace (humbly speaking)! LOL!

What influence did your brother Pete Rock have on you?

Pete had a VERY HEAVY (pun intended) influence on me mainly because of his passion and work ethic that he showed me through example! When he found out that I was making beats, his influence got heavier because he put me into his “training camp” and that help me hone my skills tremendously, so he had and still has an influence on me! He has been doing music for over 20 years!! A LOT of cats cannot say that!

Why was there not another album after the classic INI ‘Center of Attention’ album?

We did not get another deal after the Soul Brother/Elektra deal and cats went their separate ways. Cats did individual projects after but that’s what it was.

Are there any artists that you would like work with presently whether in the capacity of production and/or rhyming?

I am trying to get some work in with the Jackson Brothers (Oh No and MadLib), and I wanted to do a track for Joey Bada$$ but that probably won’t happen cuz he makes beats also so no worries ….that is who I can think of for now… I have been in contact with a few cats like El the Sensai, Taraach, and Pumpkin Head on twitter too.

Thank you for taking the time to come up with good questions and even considering me for an interview, thank you!! Peace!

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Large Professor – “Key to the CIty” – Official Music Video

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Large Professor – “Key to the CIty” – Official Music Video

Official Music video for “Key to the City” by Large Professor.

Produced by Donald Robinson Cole III.

From the full length “Professor @ Large” out on Fat Beats Records.

Purchase digitally on iTunes:

Purchase 2xLP vinyl:…

Purchase CD with lenticular cover:

@FatBeatsDotCom @PLargePro

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