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Art: Taj Francis / T Λ J TENFOLD / 2nd black moon @tajfrancis #tajfrancis #africanart #art #blackart #create #sound #boombap #movement #styles #fresh

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T Λ J TENFOLD = artist – hunting clouds

One of my favorite things to do, is to do artwork on functional objects. I love skateboards, but of course the most I can do on one is get from point A to B without dying, but I love them regardless. Working on a custom collaboration skateboard deck, that we’ll be giving away in a contest pretty soon. Also expect to see more skateboard deck collaborations and customs in the near future.

@tajfrancis #tajfrancis #blackart #africanart #styles

Rest In Power: CUBA (EX VANDALS Crew) Legendary Spray Can Artist / Writer #EXVANDALS #CUBA #BrotherCUBA #writers

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Repost / Refa One – Facebook: By now most of my friends and associates in the writing (Spray can art) community are aware of the passing of our Big Brother CUBA. Many of you in the Bay Area may not know of CUBA. He was a pioneering Spray Can Artist who brought many aspects of style writing culture to the Bay Area in the early 80’s from the East coast. He is partly responsible for inspiring a cultural phenomenon in the west coast that touched the world. CUBA was creative, passionate and above all, kind. His legacy as an artist touched many of the legendary Style Writers the Bay has produced. He is worthy of our praise and acknowledgment for being a dedicated culture keeper. CUBA struggled for many years with preexisting health issues, and through it all he continued to paint and share his love with us through his pieces, his joyous smiles and his amazing DJ sets. He was well loved and respected, and he will be missed by his crew mates and the broader HipHop community. We lost a legend Bay Area, but his legacy lives on through many of us. Shout out to TASK FORZ crew AEROSOUL and EX VANDALS. Rise In Power big Brotha CUBA

CUBA is the name of one of the city’s earliest known graffiti artists, still operating today. The 46-year-old Baltimore transplant moved to the Mission in 1985, when he was 21 years old, “with full intent of getting a scene brewin’,” he said.

Inspired by the Mission’s colorful flair for expression through street murals, CUBA set out to make a name for himself in the neighborhood’s alleyways and derelict buildings. Earning a reputation as a prolific graffiti talent, he eventually joined with other writers and artists in the Mission, and has since woven himself into the creative fabric of the community.

CUBA’s connection with the evolution of street art in San Francisco is self-reflective. As the culture has transformed, so has CUBA, and vice versa.

Most recently, CUBA helped paint an 80-foot-long mural celebrating the San Francisco Giants and their World Series victory that glows orange at the corner of Columbus Avenue and Powell Street in North Beach. But his work shines brightest in the Mission.

After years of negotiating, CUBA earned creative rights to the cement barrier at Mission National Bank on 16th Street, and sprayed a mural of children playing and reading. He oversees up-and-coming artists as art director for the Clarion Alley Mural Project. CUBA also helped create memorable murals on the side of Revolution Café at 22nd and Bartlett streets, most recently collaborating with Sirron Norris on the “Mission Community Mural Project” piece adorning the wall now (look above for a before/after look at Revolution Café). from:

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