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Music: Infinito 2017 “Segment of the Black American Entertainment Work ” prod by Dion Brown #75dab #infinito2017 @infinito2017 #joelefthandrecords #biko70 @joeleftpromo

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If you not Black there is no way you can understand my Black Music! Freedom: Black People Are the Entertainment to this stolen land Art by Marcellous Lovelace we are not the work and labor for another’s advancement, they gain you work. You work they vacation at NCAA tournaments you work but you work and their children go to private schools but your community has poor education and schools are closing. They get Marshal Acts you get a drawing on the ground not even a wall but the ground they don’t like your life you go to work and be happy to buy junk that they don’t need or want you go to work you are labor #marcellouslovelace #blackart #painting #colored #drawing #freedom #75dab #biko70 #raygun81 #african #model #design Black Music no outside influence #cancelcolonizers / follow @infinito2017 on your media

Turn on that Lamont Show ft. Cuz Ross
Vision of Correction
Morning Nights Early Welcome
Create Shots Long Distances
Poor News Reports
The Blacks Deliverance from Their Hardships Skit
Comprise Dont Compromise
Distort What they Show Vision
Not Social Media Cast
Act A fool on 79th Mane ft. Cuz Ross

(c) 2021 Joe Left Hand Records
produced by Dion Brown
all Lyrics by Infinito 2017
art by Marcellous Lovelace #75dab
recorded + arranged by vortx of distorsun (Watts, CA)

@culturepower45 ML7102 #HappensExist #ml7102 #culturepower45 Order Now

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HappensExist by ML7102

No Digital Downloads Included: This is a limited 7inch version of a few tracks from the L.P. Happens Exist is a collection of Creativity, Happens Exist has already happened. Imagine going through the same struggle everyday of your life with no relief in sight, which is the truth that is faced by ML7102’s rugged underground production style on #Happensexist. Happens Exist is a moniker developed by Infinito 2017 that explains that the past has occurred; things that have been completed don’t need to be explained. The album has an intergalactic futuristic sound that exists in an apocalyptic time where rules don’t exist and time is limited. ML7102 production is real aggressive on this project that took over several years to conceive. The album features Infinito 2017, Nkruma Ochieng and Joe Left Hand Records artist making rare appearances. Remember once it Happens it Exists so don’t imagine or wonder just do and complete what you envision.

listen / download to album on all streaming platforms:
Youtube / Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Itunes / and more

Underground Feedback Stereo (Our Job Is To Revolt) mixed by ML7102 #hiphop @culturepower45 @Neak_Undefined @MegaRan @keemosah @infinito2017 @MerchantOfSound #tallblackguy

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Underground Feedback Stereo (Our Job Is To Revolt) mixed by ML7102

#ml7102 #undergroundfeedbackstereo

Blu – Amnesia
Dion Brown – Light Snow
Mega Ran – Stranger Things Part One
Sir Victor Uwaifo – Dododo
Tall Black Guy – Drums and Tings Example Beats
Percee P & Chuck Chilla – Makin Music
Yarbrough – Aspiration (What Is Life)
Aakeem Eshu & DJ Earl – Black Dobson
Neak – War
Sound Merchants ft. Infinito 2017 – Enhance
Dion Brown – Underground FeedBack Stereo Outro

Audio: VENGEANCE OF THE HERERO POPULATION BY @INFINITO2017 #infinito2017 #music #boombap

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by Infinito 2017

Our job is to avenge the massacres of any native indigenous group of people all over the globe, The Herero and Nama genocide a well thought out plan of original peoples extermination from earth. Devils committed punishment that the disgusting German failures stole land West Africa against the Herero known as Nama and San people.


released November 17, 2017

Produced by Unagi, Kiza Beats, Dion Brown, ML7102

Recorded at Original People Sol in Phoenix, AZ
Mixed and Mastered by Vortx of Distorsun (Watts, LA, CA)
Arranged by Blocks off Cottagegrove
All Lyrics Infinito 2017 by M. Lovelace / INFINITO ONE (Ascap)
Producers appear courtesy of their self
Joe Left Hand Records

Video: Infinito2017 – SONIC VOCAL TRANSMISSION (prod by Dion Brown) #infinito2017 @infinito2017 #hiphop

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Infinito 2017 – SONIC VOCAL TRANSMISSION (prod by Dion Brown) from the album Super Pro Black Life Minus Devils / Produced mostly by Dion Brown for Joe Left Hand Records: Limited Edition Compact Disc (out of print)… Infinito 2017 – Super Pro Black Life minus Devils by South Side Chicago’s Infinito 2017 is the intellect of overcoming evil in the form of lyrics. Infinito 2017’s writings tell a story of Freedom, Justice, and Equality with beats and rhymes using the history of developing style with importance and dynamic range. Super Pro Black was designed through animated sonic aptitude plus enrichment towards a teachable goal for Super Pro Black’s creativity with art as sound. Loving of heritage through self in god giving me the opportunity to create is an important element for a perpetual guide of life. As a Hip Hop innovator it’s important to see myself as a super power champion leading the people in a positive direction with music. Super Pro Black Life minus Devils is my version of a graphic narrative on wax. The album was produced mainly by Dion Brown featuring a few unreleased tracks. Super Pro Black is boom bap in its pure form with no frills, gimmicks, fakeness, name brands or fashion, this album is a diss track for those who Bite Copy and Clone to exist. Artwork by Marcellous Lovelace #75dab / #biko70 JLHSPBLMD #infinito2017 #joelefthandrecords

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