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Film: Hymns of Burning Nepotism a short film series by Marcellous Lovelace @infinito2017 @ILLADaMartian #shortfilm #marcellouslovelace

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Hymns of Burning Nepotism

Coming Soon: Hymns of Burning Nepotism is a short film series designed to influence self reflecting thoughts through the fears of betrayal in a dramatic battle towards freedom of self. The film touches on multiple subjects set in a apocalyptic Southern California Desert. The film is being created independently with hopes of enlightenment to those who Wonder and Discover. Developed by brothers Illa D Martian and Directed by Marcellous Lovelace (#75dab) Produced by Joe Left Hand Records / Sound Track Coming Soon #shortfilm #joelefthandrecords #HymnsofBurningNepotism #marcellouslovelace @ILLADaMartian

Music: Never See Me Trying To Hard by ML7102 #instrumentalalbum #ml7102 #joelefthandrecords

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ML7102 – Never See Me Trying To Hard: Digging through records to find sounds, walking down the street integrating sounds in a reasonable segregation of living. I combine ideas to complete thoughts using electrical instruments from unknown locations. We live inside smog and repeaters, where people fail to be themselves and follow others instead of being self. Steps away from nothing I create soundtracks to visions that I dream.

catalog number: JOEKCNSMT
releases January 1, 2019

New Vinyl “Drums Food Clothing And Shelter” From @culturepower45 Out February 2019 #culturepower45

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@culturepower45 DRUMS: Food Clothing Shelter 12 inch MAGENTA COLORED VINYL OUT EARLY 2019 #CP45026 Features @JasonDaHater1 @culturepower45 @fatnicemc @pugsatomz @pruven777 #brkn @radiusetc @aqeel.the.nubian @mahoganyjonz @yaminallday @djstreetorchestra @mbelangale @9th_scientist @baron_von_schlagen and more on #Culturepower45#drumsfoodclothingshelter foodclothing

New Video: Infinito 2017 – Followyourself (Prod by ILLsugi) @infinito2017 @joeleftpromo

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Infinito 2017 – Followyourself (Prod by ILLsugi) from the album From Inside Self Living To Please Me (Fixed With Tape) #joelefthandrecords #infinito2017 #hiphop get album at and #happensexist Consistent Music We Make Albums Not Excuses Get Album:… During a visit to Los Angles California this summer I took time to really embrace my life long journey through inner peace. It was somewhere near Big Bear in route to LA, I started seeing my Hip Hop music in carefully considered sections of careful sound inside time arrangements. Creating from my life as an African cultured artist painter of multidisciplinary concentrations I began to tape together multiple memories from my time living on the west coast. My self is constantly creating my ideas from my experiences of ongoing Black awareness as a discipline a way of life, drawings, lectures conversation. The distance between black people and others in this part of the world. Knowing my past life living mostly Midwest, South and the eastern seaboard of America. Living out west slows down significantly and keeps relevant reminders of how this black life is so segregated separated from similar likeness of the soul. My art and music is only from a black center of education so not seeing or constantly having the ability to embrace and love on my family like I do in South Chicago, West Philadelphia and Memphis I’m totally in love with myself in a singular format working inside racist restrictions thoughts I teach continuously to write love of self and kindred in this music drawing from a time I lived in Atlanta Georgia where I began to record exclusively by myself without outside assistance just the ideas from the music. Last year my father passed away from years of suffering inside colonized confusion, from his death I saw what I have lived, knew and taught by him is that we are alone and all we really have is our life as an expression to share. Compositions are constructed from various producers from all parts of the world with different vantage points or logics. But mostly the assistance of Dion Brown who is always easy to graft from because of the frequent delivery of new material for me to write to is always in my email because of our work together with Joe Left Hand Records. But I received a few productions from my cousin Fatnice as well as beats from Japans Illsugi and Brazil’s NeNe James as a way to construct from duration intervals. The audio transmission began to take shape after I returned from Los Angles to my residence in Arizona where I collect and design new ideas to record, integrate and develop ultrasound analog soundwaves. Using myself as the complete reference source I never run out of ideas and since life is present I, we, us owe ourselves the respect create in an infinite reality. Being mindful to never follow trends or please anyone outside of myself I put together a long player I named, From Inside Myself Living to Please Me (Fixed with Tape).

From Inside Self Living to Please Me (Fixed With Tape) DIGITALSM


Get Album at:



Audio: Infinito 2017 – Dope Break (prod by radio (aka НДТ75​)​) #happensexist

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Infinito 2017 - Dope Break (prod by radio (aka НДТ75​)​)


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UndergroundFeedback Stereo – Outro
Mordecai The Foul – Alabaster
Earth Wind AND Fire – Serpentine Fire
Tame One – Trife Type Times
Ramsey Lewis – Blues For The Night Owl
Roberta Flack – Until Its Time For You To Go
New Birth – Dream Merchant
Vast Aire – Look Mom No Hands
Infinito 2017 – NonConforming Standoff
OJays – Cry Together
Material ILLside – That Beat at the End

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