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Music: Kevin Fountain – F.O.R.M. VOL. 1 @culturepower45 @solarbabiesart @kfountainmusic #beats #art #limited #instrumentals #boombap #rapalbum #chicago #music #beattapes

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Creating sonic backdrops over the span of four decades for underground and major label acts alike, F.O.R.M (Fountain of Raw Material) Volume 1 is Kevin Fountain’s first official album release. This project serves as a coming out party of sorts for a man who, until this point, has largely remained anonymous, even in the underground hip-hop circuit. F.O.R.M. Volume 1 is sure to change that narrative for the Chicago born and bred beatsmith, who presents a polished, yet accessible soundscape that is sure to attract listeners across a wide spectrum of musical tastes. CP45SBAI01 @kfountainmusic

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releases March 13, 2023

Produced by Kevin Fountain

Though born in the notorious Altgeld Gardens Housing Projects on Chicago’s far South Side, Kevin “F.O.R.M.” (Fountain of Raw Material) Fountain’s extensive travels have taken him to various locations across the nation’s third largest metropolis and beyond. His music brings so many years of life’s struggles, hardships, trials, tribulations, evictions, and convictions together in a diverse palette of sonic syncopation’s. Drawing his unpredictable sound from various sources of inspiration, Fountain’s driving force is the refusal to become another stereotyped hip-hop producer.

Underground Feed Back Stereo: Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – The Topic of Jealousy – Part 1 #undergroundfeedbackstereo #thinking #radio #podcast #75dab #biko70 #blackart #design

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Underground Feed Back Stereo – Brothers Perspective Magazine – POD – The Topic of Jealousy – Part 1

Underground Feed Back Stereo Sound Broadcasters for Brothers Perspective Magazine / Personal Opinion Database converse The Cycle of Famous Men and Women misleading inaccurately, a model for lyrical poetry. The Topic of Jealousy details how fiends strive to steal the energy of others by hoarding waiting times, telling lies and passing untrue information to stay one step ahead of humans that are unconcerned by their existence inside a psycho fanatical, predatory, pathological mentality of Land Thieve’s and their Procyonidae Omnivorous types. The sickness of Jealousy is an obsessive depression formulated by mental illness that carries the same plague as Middle Ages in Western Europe. In this episode we denounce the the logic of resentful, envious behavior better know as jealousy. By studying the fiendish nature of insecurity, romantic obsession and the pathology of governmental enslavement of Human Beings.  #envy #jealous #positivethinking #75dab #PersonalOpinionDataBase #radio #soundart #mix #undergroundfeedbackstereo #brothersperspectivemagazine 

art by nappy9folics

Music: Infinito 2017 – Super Pro Black Life minus Devils (Order Now) @infinito2017 @joeleftpromo

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super pro black life minus devils fb

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Infinito 2017 – Super Pro Black Life minus Devils by South Side Chicago’s Infinito 2017 is the intellect of overcoming evil in the form of lyrics. Infinito 2017’s writings tell a story of Freedom, Justice, and Equality with beats and rhymes using the history of developing style with importance and dynamic range. Super Pro Black was designed through animated sonic aptitude plus enrichment towards a teachable goal for Super Pro Black’s creativity with art as sound. Loving of heritage through self in god giving me the opportunity to create is an important element for a perpetual guide of life. As a Hip Hop innovator it’s important to see myself as a super power champion leading the people in a positive direction with music. Super Pro Black Life minus Devils is my version of a graphic narrative on wax. The album was produced mainly by Dion Brown featuring a few unreleased tracks. Super Pro Black is boom bap in its pure form with no frills, gimmicks, fakeness, name brands or fashion, this album is a diss track for those who Bite Copy and Clone to exist. Artwork by Marcellous Lovelace #joelefthandrecords #music  #75dab / #biko70 JLHSPBLMD #infinito2017


Audio: @Infinito2017 – Me Self Black Escapism #newalbum #happensexist

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New Album Available Now: Infinito 2017 – Me Self Black Escapism 


As time passes my thoughts become more personal and only exist in full embrace of myself. I write as an adult who has experiences that are uncompromising. As a Man I never accept the poison in which the planets negative citizens have forced upon me. I live to write from my zone and area set a part by unconscious surroundings. These stories are written from the clarity of a lone mind that denounces colonialism. With production by Dion Brown and In Other Wordz in a very jazzy melodic smooth sound that helps to carry the poetic rhymes that I have written for this project. Listen as my voices journey narrates my expressions as I formulate thoughts using freedom of my mind.

Arranged by ML7102
Produced by Dion Brown and In Other Wordz
© 2019 Joe Left Hand Records

fresh music: EXILE by ensilence

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Soul Poetry. A Journey of my inner struggles, dreams, self love/ hate, fear, pain, understanding, braggadocio, humility, relationships and God. Everything that mirrors where I stand, whether in wise tones or ignorance, it is saying here I am …EXILE.


released 01 June 2012
Production credits:

Svendiamond, Yorel Tifsim, Fathom 9, Shade Cobain, Buscrates, Pig Pen, Teflon Dawn, Marcus Banks, TCDubb, Idasa Tariq, Tryf Bindope, Beat Gates, Crooked T, SoulSeeker and Daniel Blume.

Featured Artists:

Yorel Tifsim, Idasa Tariq, Tryf Bindope, Kid A, and Concrete Cee.

I want to thank everyone who has made a contribution to this album, whether musically or inspirational, I deep appreciate it more than words can describe. Thank you once again. Much peace and blessings.

Representing Fresh Air Flavor and BarebakC Records


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