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Music: Never See Me Trying To Hard by ML7102 #instrumentalalbum #ml7102 #joelefthandrecords

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ML7102 – Never See Me Trying To Hard: Digging through records to find sounds, walking down the street integrating sounds in a reasonable segregation of living. I combine ideas to complete thoughts using electrical instruments from unknown locations. We live inside smog and repeaters, where people fail to be themselves and follow others instead of being self. Steps away from nothing I create soundtracks to visions that I dream.

catalog number: JOEKCNSMT
releases January 1, 2019


New Video: Infinito 2017 – Followyourself (Prod by ILLsugi) @infinito2017 @joeleftpromo

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Infinito 2017 – Followyourself (Prod by ILLsugi) from the album From Inside Self Living To Please Me (Fixed With Tape) #joelefthandrecords #infinito2017 #hiphop get album at and #happensexist Consistent Music We Make Albums Not Excuses Get Album:… During a visit to Los Angles California this summer I took time to really embrace my life long journey through inner peace. It was somewhere near Big Bear in route to LA, I started seeing my Hip Hop music in carefully considered sections of careful sound inside time arrangements. Creating from my life as an African cultured artist painter of multidisciplinary concentrations I began to tape together multiple memories from my time living on the west coast. My self is constantly creating my ideas from my experiences of ongoing Black awareness as a discipline a way of life, drawings, lectures conversation. The distance between black people and others in this part of the world. Knowing my past life living mostly Midwest, South and the eastern seaboard of America. Living out west slows down significantly and keeps relevant reminders of how this black life is so segregated separated from similar likeness of the soul. My art and music is only from a black center of education so not seeing or constantly having the ability to embrace and love on my family like I do in South Chicago, West Philadelphia and Memphis I’m totally in love with myself in a singular format working inside racist restrictions thoughts I teach continuously to write love of self and kindred in this music drawing from a time I lived in Atlanta Georgia where I began to record exclusively by myself without outside assistance just the ideas from the music. Last year my father passed away from years of suffering inside colonized confusion, from his death I saw what I have lived, knew and taught by him is that we are alone and all we really have is our life as an expression to share. Compositions are constructed from various producers from all parts of the world with different vantage points or logics. But mostly the assistance of Dion Brown who is always easy to graft from because of the frequent delivery of new material for me to write to is always in my email because of our work together with Joe Left Hand Records. But I received a few productions from my cousin Fatnice as well as beats from Japans Illsugi and Brazil’s NeNe James as a way to construct from duration intervals. The audio transmission began to take shape after I returned from Los Angles to my residence in Arizona where I collect and design new ideas to record, integrate and develop ultrasound analog soundwaves. Using myself as the complete reference source I never run out of ideas and since life is present I, we, us owe ourselves the respect create in an infinite reality. Being mindful to never follow trends or please anyone outside of myself I put together a long player I named, From Inside Myself Living to Please Me (Fixed with Tape).

From Inside Self Living to Please Me (Fixed With Tape) DIGITALSM


Get Album at:



Audio: Underground FeedBack Stereo 80 (MIXED BY ML7102)

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Underground FeedBack Stereo 80 (MIXED BY ML7102)

The Bush Babies ft. De La Soul – The Love Song
Rah Digga – Lessons of Today
Planet Asia – Pure Coke
Ramsey Lewis – Hang on Sloppy
Infinito 2017 – Barberism Pattrolers Pathogen
Amel Larrieux – Sweet Misery
C Rayz Walz – Buck 80
Stevie Wonder – All I Do
Grouch – Brain Stormin
Sergio MEMDES & Brasil 77 – Asa Branca
Material Illside – Undergroundfeedbackstereo

Audio: Infinito 2017 – African of Kenya Ether Part 18 ( @culturepower45 ) @infinito2017

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Infinito 2017 – African of Kenya Ether Part 18 @INFINITO2017 Get the album at @CULTUREPOWER45


The prolific Infinito 2017 returns center stage via the steadfast Culture Power 45 vinyl only label with one of his most personal releases to date: ‘African of Kenya Ether Part 18’. Poised as the 18th chapter of a 17 series box set where we find Infinito discovering he has lineage connected to Kenya and parts of Western North Africa, specifically the LUHYA tribe.

The soundscape is vocally packed with Infinito’s signature on/off beat flow that tackle concepts that range from gentrification, colonial oppression, to empowering black people as evidenced by the Dion Brown produced ‘Action to Take Back Our Land” and ‘Move and Confront’ produced by Japan based boom bapper Ill Sugi.

To date Culture Power 45 has continued to deliver superior vinyl only sure shots. This Infinto 2017 banger is sure to carry on the tradition.
releases October 6, 2017

Production by Dion Brown, ILLsugi, Kiza Beats and The Deity Complex
Art work by Marcellous Lovelace
Mixed by Vortx of DistorsunK

Audio: UNDERGROUND FEED BACK STEREO PODCAST 69 point 2 (late and tardy??) @semiratruth @wiseintelligent

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PODCAST 69point 2 messed up numbers

UNDERGROUND FEED BACK STEREO PODCAST 69 point 2 (late and tardy??) A Podcast / Radio broadcast of some of the most interesting Unorganized and late point 2 version of tardiness with beats and rhymes.

SemiraTruth Book:


1. 9th Wonder – Angel

2. KRS one – Black Cop

3. J.Rawls feat. Casual – Find a New

4. Murs – I Use to Lover Her (Again)

5. SemiraTruth x Cyrus Mackey – A Talk with Trumpet Player Cyrus Mackey

6. Evidence – Throw it All Away

7.Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – G.O.D (Game of Death)

8. Gensu Dean & Wise Intelligent – Black Fear

9. The Four Owls – Think Twice

10. Jean Grae feat. Phonte – The Time is Now

11. Material Illside and SemiraTruth – Outro UFS BEAT

thanks to Marcellous Lovelace this happens

New Compilation: Joe Left Hand Records – From Where they From

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New Compilation: Joe Left Hand Records – From Where they From

1.       Ayanna – Gentrified Chicken (prod by Dion Brown)

2.       Armalitia Music – A9 (Armalitia Nine) Masai Bey, L.I.F.E. Long, Yazeed, Akbar, Citizen Kane, Nickel, Mr. Cord) (prod by Tensho Takemori / Scratches by DJ Fred Ones)

3.       Fatnice – My Favorite Things (prod Blaak the 9th man)

4.       Crown A Thornz – Top Billing (prod by DJ Pak)

5.       Thaione Davis – Falling Down (prod by Thaione Davis)

6.       Elohem Star (LW2AC) – Quest Through The Twilight (prod by neurologist)

7.       Killz Killahurtz of the Pretty Sixer’s – Curb Side Services (prod by Killahurtz)

8.       Centri – Rhyme Glue feat Skyzoo (prod by Dynamics plus)

9.       WATUSI – Here We Go (prod. by SselemaN)

10.    Citizen Kane & Emaculit  – Rappers are in Danger (produced by Kiza)

11.    Infinito 2017 – N5 (Untitled Blank) (prod by The Geaux)

12.    Nickle – Chronicles of Bruce Illest 1 (prod by Rude of the Ruckus)

13.    Mr. Skurge – Joe Fetter (prod by Dj Waht)

14.    Syntax – Money Pit (prod by Man Danno)

15.    Cos-G – Yes Yes Yall (prod by Kenny Keys)

16.     L.I.F.E. Long – Head Nod ft. Respect Tha God, Che Fontaine & Crooked Shakespeare of Born Wreckless (prod by Aneeway Jones)

17.    P.Kaye – Best Believe (prod by Midas Wells)

18.    Low Noise Mechanism – What A Lame Like ft Mordecai, Ka Sekhem, Jason Da Hater, Max Ptah

19.    Rhinoceros Funk – Clash of the Class (prod by Verbal Exparo /cuts fredones)

20.    9th Scientist – Don’t Stop (prod by King Boom)

21.    Whichcraft – United States Pt 2 (prod By V Sharp)

Back when Hip Hop was pure gold Compilation albums were rare gems compiled by multiple artist from all over the world, good music that made you break the bank to get the albums with your last pennies. Now a day’s artist give away albums on the internet with very little preparation and consideration to the Hip Hop Art form. Joe Left Hand records is a label dedicated to preservation of the Underground / Independent Artist who never relinquish music from the heart.

We present to you “From Where they From” as a way to represent where we from, meaning a time when we did B – Boy styled music just because we felt like it. We would use 4tracks, turntables and grandmothers house to record basement heavy material. We designed this album in collaboration with Cocoon Movements and Nappy9 Folics as a way to keep introducing good music that’s done where ever we at in the world.

Album features Artist like Skyzoo, L.I.F.E. Long, Thaione Davis, Centri,      Fatnice, Mr. Skurge, Dj Fredones, Masai Bey, Crown of Thornz, Akbar, The Geaux and more. A detailed compilation of fresh music reminiscent of Rawkus Sound-bombing and Super Rapping comps. Take a listen and listen again because we From where they from!

more info:

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