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Evil Is Reality: L. A Clippers Owner Oppressive Mississippi Plantation One In The Same

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Once a Slave always a slave, It’s sad that it is news that white people say and do racist things in America. The entire construct of the USA Slave Plantation is built off of racist control. Once the the people we label as “Blacks and African Americans” learn to relinquish association with these evil power systems and corrupt major corporations than they can start to unlearn, reorganize, decolonize and empower themselves. Look at the situation with Barneys stores and Jay Z, big company racist power system. This is just another stripe for the racist power system known as stolen land of indigenous people we call the USA.

Nypost writes “Report: Clippers owner Donald Sterling tells girlfriend to not bring African-Americans to his games”  Read more:

Black people plead to your self and understand as long as you accept racist education, jobs and partnerships you are helping to breed the ignorance people like Donald L.A. Clippers Owner Sterling helps to breed. These people that enslave the average NBA player to these ridiculous life contracts already mean to keep these Black Males locked into being owned and controlled. The players never empower themselves and own teams or any of the real monetary gain that comes from large investment deals (you can’t sit in the big house with us Magic Johnson). Think about this racist rant as a big budget Mississippi Plantation. Its the same principal; you work, you act right or do as you are told and you can get a small portion of what it looks like from the big house but you are never allowed to freely live in the same environment as the plantation owner.

2013 Where is me in they dream ART BY MARCELLOUS LOVELACE

Evil oppression is always the main principal in a government, congress, aggressive racist power system that never means for Africans who were stolen from their homeland and forced to live, work, run up and down the court and believe in the faith of your oppressor to ever achieve equally. Stupidity is the greatest education that comes from living your life as set back. No one will ever be free until you know totally that 99% of all the major corporations in the USA  are controlled by negative minded white people. The racist will always hate you just because you are black people and that’s how the racist continue to stay in power and control every aspect of your life. If you can name 10 major World Industries in Media, Communication, Transportation (Automobile Industry) or anything that generates expansion that African / Black / Negro own operate and distribute among-est their own people than you can make better decisions about your own life. Until than you are at the mercy of what they tell you to do at the tea party!


Everything is Connected in the world of Racism!!!


Written by vortx of distorsun 


OUTRAGE:  6h Sterling basically articulated Plantation Politics…Make money off the Bucks/Lay with the Women/No Association in Public good or bad

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