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Video: Gensu Dean – Forever (feat. Large Professor)

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“Forever (feat. Large Professor)” from Gensu Dean’s debut album “Lo-Fi Fingahz”. Directed by Calvan Fowler for DayDream Film Works. 2012.

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Video: Large Professor – Barber Shop Chop

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Large Pro visits the Barber & Big City Records NYC.

Large Professor’s full length “Professor @ Large” out now!

Shot and directed by Aaron Katsnelson.

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Interview 2012: Audible Doctor “Doctorin”

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Give us a little history on you and how you started doing music?

I was always into music, even as a little kid I used to have this little plastic keyboard I’d play with all the time, my mom tells me I called it my “muget” because I couldn’t pronounce the word music. Through the years I tried different instruments, piano, guitar, I was even in the city’s children’s choir at one point…nothing really stuck with me until I found hip hop. I have my older brother to thank for introducing me to it.

What made you want to become a producer?

I started (as most hip hop artists did) by DJing. That grew into having cyphers in my room with my friends, we’d just get drunk or high and start trying to freestyle, I bought these cheap radio shack mics and plugged them into the mixer and my friends and I would take turns DJing and rapping. At some point I got a hold of this old 4 track recorder and a Dr. Boss drum machine and our freestyles turned into us trying to make songs. My brother introduced me to fruity loops and Acid Pro later on which allowed me to get more complex with my sampling and chopping. I started studying beats more and trying to understand what the other producers were doing, I’d try to find the original songs people sampled and see what they did to it. I think production just comes natural to me, I rap and DJ a lot still but I think producing comes easiest to me.

Can you tell us about your tools of the trade for making beats?

I still use Acid Pro for most of what I do. I use Reason and Pro Tools as well as an Akai MPD26 to pound out some things, but most of what I do is in Acid. A very very outdated version of Acid. I actually had to downgrade the operating system of my computer to run the software on it…that’s how outdated it is haha.

What’s the difference between a musician and a beat-maker, if any?

In my opinion, a musician has actual musical abilities, he/she has the skills to play a specific or multiple instruments. A beat maker doesn’t necessarily have to have those same abilities or talents. You can make beats without knowing how to play a thing (and a lot of people do). A musician can be a beat maker as well as a beat maker can also be a musician. Is that confusing?

Where do you see the art of beat-making going in the coming years?

I have no idea…with what’s on the radio right now, I really don’t know. Not to say that everything on the radio is bad, I just could never have guessed that this is where we would be in music. Because music is such a trend based industry it changes very quickly and dramatically and I honestly have no idea where the art form of beat making will head in the future.

Do you think it’s important for you to give back to the culture?

Absolutely! The culture only exists as long as people continue to support it. This isn’t something that just happened on it’s own, this culture was created and nurtured over the years and it needs to be supported in order to survive. We’re already seeing the destruction of our culture due to lack of support. I’m not saying we should all like and support the same thing, everyone’s unique, I’m just saying support whatever the hell it is that you like. Buy a record, go to a show, buy a T-Shirt, help spread the word, whatever you can do to try to give back to the artists and the culture, do it. We have a generation of kids coming up that don’t understand what it is to support something and it’s dangerous. Labels, stores, venues, everything is collapsing and it’s all due to lack of respect for the culture.

Why the name Audible Doctor?

I have no idea….I just made that shit up. I remember being on a rooftop in Brooklyn shortly after moving out to NYC and being like, “yeah, The Audible Doctor, that’s a good name”, I have no idea what the hell was going through my head. The name doesn’t even make sense, any doctor that can speak or make a noise is technically an “Audible Doctor” haha. The one good thing is it’s a unique name, you’ll never hear someone say “which Audible Doctor are you talking about?”.

Shout outs, Promo, info news etc ..

My group The Brown Bag AllStars have our new EP “The Brown Label: Part 2” dropping on 9/4, it will be available at, I have my FREE solo EP “I Think That…” dropping on 9/25 all over the internets, and I also have an instrumental album titled “Doctorin” which is executive produced by Large Professor set to drop in November.

“The Audible Doctor’s “Doctorin” is out:

12 track soulful hip hop instrumental album is entirely produced by The Audible Doctor and is executive produced by the legendary Large Professor.”

Full album stream:

For all updates you can check out or hit me up on twitter @AudibleDoctor


also see interview at:

New: Nas – Loco-Motive feat. Large Professor (Produced by No I.D.)

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Loco-Motive feat. Large Professor (Produced by No I.D.)

“Life is Good” available on July 17th!

Pre-Order the Collectors Box Set at

Release date: Jul 2, 2012


Large Professor – “Key to the CIty” – Official Music Video

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Large Professor – “Key to the CIty” – Official Music Video

Official Music video for “Key to the City” by Large Professor.

Produced by Donald Robinson Cole III.

From the full length “Professor @ Large” out on Fat Beats Records.

Purchase digitally on iTunes:

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Purchase CD with lenticular cover:

@FatBeatsDotCom @PLargePro

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