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R.I.P. Lovebug Starski / Kevin Smith (May 16, 1960 – February 8, 2018)

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Kevin Smith (May 16, 1960 – February 8, 2018), best known by his stage name Lovebug Starski, was an American MC, musician, and record producer.

Lovebug Starski, a versatile D.J. and rapper who was a key figure in the development and early evolution of hip-hop in the South Bronx throughout the 1970s, died on Thursday in Las Vegas. He was 57. (NYTIMES)


R.I.P. Kobe Bean Bryant [ A Great One ] 8/23/1978 – 1/26/2020

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Kobe Bryant

Condolences to the Great One Kobe Bryant from Brothers Perspective Magazine

8/23/1978 – 1/26/2020

NEWS LIBERTYWRITERSAFRICA: Kenyan Doctors Say UNICEF Is Making Women Barren Through Polio Vaccine 5/2019

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unicef art2

Africa in the 21st century is still faced with the evil machinations and manipulations of the Western world. As Africans lay peacefully in their beds asleep, European governments and organizations are awake, plotting on how to destabilize the African economy and reduce her population.

For the last 100 years and beyond, Europe and America have been focused on Africa’s population, with an obsession of population control and sterilization.

There has been a report that the UNICEF and WHO are intentionally sterilizing women in Kenya. The news which was carried by LifeSiteNews, a Catholic publication, said that the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association accused UNICEF and WHO (World Health Organization) of rendering millions of women and girls barren. That they are achieving that through an undercover vaccination program for anti-tetanus, which is sponsored by the Kenyan government. (see full story at LIBERTYWRITERSAFRICA )

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