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Video: Radius Etc – Beyond The Skies @radiusgetsitin @etcmedia #etcrecords

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Brand new “Beyond The Skies” video out now !!! Directed by I and Shot in #Ethiopia 🇪🇹 on my bus excursion heading northbound from #AddisAbaba to #Lalibela one can’t bus straight through, so this was a 9hr journey, that had to be continued the following day from #Weldiya you also get glimpses of #Dessie and more within the video.
******************************The music is from my soundtrack of the same name; “Beyond The Skies”, which i released on @etcmedia last month. LINK TO THE VIDEO: (Direct in my profile bio)

radius art2

Lesson: The Legend Grandmixer DXT Breaks Down The Origins of Hip Hop @grandmixerdxt #bronx #information

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New Video: Infinito 2017 – Followyourself (Prod by ILLsugi) @infinito2017 @joeleftpromo

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Infinito 2017 – Followyourself (Prod by ILLsugi) from the album From Inside Self Living To Please Me (Fixed With Tape) #joelefthandrecords #infinito2017 #hiphop get album at and #happensexist Consistent Music We Make Albums Not Excuses Get Album:… During a visit to Los Angles California this summer I took time to really embrace my life long journey through inner peace. It was somewhere near Big Bear in route to LA, I started seeing my Hip Hop music in carefully considered sections of careful sound inside time arrangements. Creating from my life as an African cultured artist painter of multidisciplinary concentrations I began to tape together multiple memories from my time living on the west coast. My self is constantly creating my ideas from my experiences of ongoing Black awareness as a discipline a way of life, drawings, lectures conversation. The distance between black people and others in this part of the world. Knowing my past life living mostly Midwest, South and the eastern seaboard of America. Living out west slows down significantly and keeps relevant reminders of how this black life is so segregated separated from similar likeness of the soul. My art and music is only from a black center of education so not seeing or constantly having the ability to embrace and love on my family like I do in South Chicago, West Philadelphia and Memphis I’m totally in love with myself in a singular format working inside racist restrictions thoughts I teach continuously to write love of self and kindred in this music drawing from a time I lived in Atlanta Georgia where I began to record exclusively by myself without outside assistance just the ideas from the music. Last year my father passed away from years of suffering inside colonized confusion, from his death I saw what I have lived, knew and taught by him is that we are alone and all we really have is our life as an expression to share. Compositions are constructed from various producers from all parts of the world with different vantage points or logics. But mostly the assistance of Dion Brown who is always easy to graft from because of the frequent delivery of new material for me to write to is always in my email because of our work together with Joe Left Hand Records. But I received a few productions from my cousin Fatnice as well as beats from Japans Illsugi and Brazil’s NeNe James as a way to construct from duration intervals. The audio transmission began to take shape after I returned from Los Angles to my residence in Arizona where I collect and design new ideas to record, integrate and develop ultrasound analog soundwaves. Using myself as the complete reference source I never run out of ideas and since life is present I, we, us owe ourselves the respect create in an infinite reality. Being mindful to never follow trends or please anyone outside of myself I put together a long player I named, From Inside Myself Living to Please Me (Fixed with Tape).

From Inside Self Living to Please Me (Fixed With Tape) DIGITALSM


Get Album at:



Video: ENDANGERED SPECIES – Feel Good Music @bvax

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Fresh DJ mixes at 

Grand Puba – “The More Things Change” [Official Audio]

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Grand Puba – “The More Things Change” [Official Audio]
Purchase “The More Things Change” on iTunes: Grand Puba Reunites With Babygrande Records For Fifth Album “The More Things Change,” Rele…

New: Ras Ceylon & Lastman feat. Buxaburn “Keep It Kingly” (Music Video) [2013]

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Shot at the former location of the old Koo’s Café in Santa Ana & LBC ParkJam in Long Beach, California. A day in the life of Bux, Ceylon & Last..3 kings from the Ras Youth International family, almost 20yrs since Stew first formed YIP & we still keep it movement!

Livicated to the Revolutionary Legacy of Hajj Malcolm Shabazz & Jusdeep Singh Sethi | Rise In Power

Filmed, Edited & Directed by Alia Sharrief | @AliaSharrief | |

Beats produced by Dawit Justice for Medal Gear | | @DawitJustice #FullMedalJacket collab album with Tragedy Khadafi coming soon

Zulu King Lastman | UZN Minister 710 | Calafia Zulus | Southern California USA | | twitter & IG: @thereallastman

Buxaburn Well aka Warbux aka Bux aka | @buxaburn |

Ras Ceylon | @rasceylon |

Song from Ras Ceylon’s “Gideon.Force V2: Repatriation Time” mixtape:…

Blu – amnesia [Music video]

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Blu’s visuals for the titled track “Amnesia” from the Amnesia EP.

Directed by Chimp []

A tribute to Jamal Dewar AKA Capital Steez.

Starring Lizabeth Cooper & Aplus Nostaljack of New Breed Music group


I used to have
Peace, serenity, teaching divinity
Break bread, sipping the blood, eating with enemies
Blind, pearl on my mind thinking we fittin’ to be
This, that, and the third
Boy did I learn, tables turn
Billy holiday burned down to play when my nerves drowned my folks away
Swerving in the locomotive, far from my hopes and motives
Back to boasting at shows to get a standing O
From all the fans I know on some of that
Sapphire rapid fire soul stuff I used to hit ’em off with
But now I’m some ol’ “pay the toll” for the way I played the role
Cautious when I lace a flow, cause, pose? think I’m painting codes
Patience grown thin, home sick and haven’t been home since
Fuck a rapper, I’m an actor in a film called:
“Leave me the fuck alone until I find a real job”
Busting chrome grills off at these soft hearted breakbeats bouncing with 808’s and gray ink
Blue heart, red skies, true art died in the heart of my mind
Kept trying to fulfill this, blank scribbled realness, even if it kills this
Poet inside

Used to speak sweet with sympathy
Tease to mimic me, sunshine every line you ever sent to me
Heaven sent, heavenly scent that later crippled me, shit
Simple men don’t learn, where was your empathy?
Couldn’t see the fork in the road
Kept straight forward, straight towards a humble abode we both hate more
Now that I fumbled and folded that open letter said “dead men walking don’t dream”
You taped yours, and you told me I could rent it
Thought it was invented for my viewing pleasure
Human error, the apprentice turned teacher, preacher turned God
Couldn’t reach ya, just a façade, the main feature
Modified for blogs, podcast the past, hi-definition, she laughed
Pass the message, now I’m guessing that the jokes on me
Cause I’m the only one threatened
The wretched by the windows sketching
Pencil? the mural of the method, don’t sweat it, techniques turning, burning incense
Listening to Billy burn my intent, definitive days that turn my nights to fiction
Friction-less, just a pen trynna pimp this stress, ’cause I couldn’t keep a lid on my life
Naïve as the dry leaves on the ground, looking past the tree to the blue sky asking:
Why me?

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