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Underground Feed Back Stereo: Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – Blacks In Poverty Stolen Money to Ukraine #ukraine #franchisetag #blackart #BrothersPerspectiveMagazine #personalopiniondatabase #chrisrock #internet #stupidity #research

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Underground Feed Back Stereo – Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – Blacks In Poverty Stolen Money to Ukraine

Black People suffer in a place many are void of Self Awareness and Dignified Liberation. These europeons stole the land by killing the natives of lands but not to share with the original inhabitant or those they enslaved. These tyrants are negative to the core and cant do good.

The fight is to know what an oppressor is and how a system operates from this oppression. The euro colonizers designs all the laws to neglect BLACK People from benefiting from the Land. The Black people are enslaved property on stolen land not able to benefit from the life they live! The payback for such atrocities can never be forgiven. Its the mind you must maintain against colonial genocide. This also happens with the endless rejection letters from art galleries etc. No respect to you! Sound Art? Tune in to these educated brothers as they deliver Personal Opinions for Brothers Perspective Audio Feedback

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Rest In Power: “Double K” of People Under the Stairs #doublek #puts

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Double K of People Under the Stairs

Double K, who served as one-half of the rap duo People Under The Stairs, has passed away. He was 43.

In the early hours of Sunday morning (Jan. 31), tributes to the fallen artist began pouring in on Twitter. As of this report, the cause of death had not been revealed. Nonetheless, fans and fellow artists alike proceeded to honor the late rapper.

“Not Double K,” rapper Psalm One said of the late emcee. “What a dope persona and artist. One of my first big national tours PUTS was gracious enough to take me out. Double K was a fucking west coast pioneer. This is tough. Prayers up for K, his family, and Thes. REST IN POWER DOUBLE K.”

Double K, born Michael Turner, connected with his rapping partner Christopher Portugal a.k.a Thes One to form People Under the Stairs in 1997. The L.A. duo release their debut album The Next Step in 1998. They went on to put out 15 albums including three compilations of material that didn’t make their studio albums. The duo released their final album Sincerely, The P in 2019 before formally disbanding shortly afterward.

During their tenure, People Under the Stairs were vital to the underground scene on the West Coast. However, the group did receive some mainstream love until the end of their career. Thanks to Double K’s time as a member of the Funk Mob, the duo got to work with the legendary George Clinton. They also worked with other hip hop veterans like Jurassic 5 and Hieroglyphics.

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