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Headliners for BHF ’14 Announced with Chef Shallah Raekwon and Jay Electronica + PRO ERA

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Last night at The Brooklyn Brewery we announced our headliners for the 10th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.

Tickets go on sale next week but we are proud to have the Chef Shallah Raekwon at the top of the bill. Rae is without a doubt one of the greatest MC’s of all time and one of the most prolific members of the illest crew in the history of Hip-Hop, The Wu Tang Clan.

His debut album “Only Built for Cuban Linx” still stands the test of time and is the blueprint for honest Hip-Hop storytelling.
With a new album on the way we are honored to have Rae headlining our bill.

Next up to bat is the god, Jay Electronica. The New Orleans MC who set the world on fire with the instant classic “Exhibit C”, “Eternal Sunshine” and countless mixtape gems and features.

There are rumblings that his long awaited Roc Nation album may be getting closer to completion. The now London based MC was spotted all over Austin for SXSW driving Hip-Hop crazy like a kid at 11:59 on Christmas Eve.

We are honored that Jay Elechannukah has chosen BHF to make his triumphant return to Brooklyn.

We also announced the addition of the local crew, Pro Era, dubbed the new Wu-Tang Clan. Pro Era rose to fame after its lead member Joey Bad A$$ knocked the Hip-Hop world on its heels with “Survival Tactics” featuring the late Capital Steez.

The Pro Era is Joey and much more including CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, A La $ole, Dyemond Lewis, Rawle, Ali, Dessy Hinds, Nyck Caution, Dirty Sanchez, ROKAmouth Singh, Jakk The Rhymer as well as producers Chuck Strangers, Powers Pleasant and Nile Edwards.

The Pro Era energy represents the next wave of Hip-Hop both artistically as well as professionally. As we have done with Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, Schoolboy Q, Theophilus London, Tanya Morgan and more we are proud to give these young brothers a chance to shine right alongside legends.

Representing the crew on the BHF Stage will be CJ Fly.

Tickets go on sale next week.

Artists looking to perform can submit through Sonicbids
Press Inquiries – hit us here
Vendors – shoot us an email here
Sponsors – give us a shout to talk more.

Our dates are July 9th-12th

July 9th – Bodega Education Initiative celebrating 20 years of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ready To Die”
July 10th – The Dummy Clap Film Festival
July 11th – 10th Anniversary Party
July 12th – Family Day and Final Day Performances




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