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Download Free: Eye Run It by Jaefkae x Abeatchemist art by @nappy9folics @JalenKobayashi @abeatchemist #Jaefkae #Abeatchemist

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1. Capital II

2. Time Precious

3. Get Wit It

4. Live?

5. Eye Run It

6. Let’s Do It

7. Sing a Song

8. Capital 

Album Description:

   “Eye Run It”, by Jaefkae and Abeatchemist, is a sprite of Chicago RAP. JaefKae will definitely blow your mind on “Get Wit It”, rapping about the cradle-to-grave pipeline faced by Black Indigenous youth. Hear the elements of Hip-Hop, the Wepa, the inspirations from Gwendolyn Brooks, from Cécile Fatiman, from the Black Indigenous Ancestors who created these art forms and with whom allowed us to partake in the pleasure of enjoyment. This is a boast, as a reclamation of sight (Eye), as well as signal to the city and beyond (Run It). 

   The songs were written on the West, North, South, and East sides of Chicago in descending order of presence. “Time Precious”, and “Capital” were written in Puerto Rico, and were the first songs finished. “Capital II”, was written to provide a second opinion on the beat, as the drums run everlasting like words. Each song has at least 500 words, making them a labyrinth of metaphors, themes, and hidden messages. Each song was written with the intention of Revolution, of Peace, of Love, and of Honor, to our People, the Ancestors, and the Earth. These songs should be taken literally, and received subconsciously. They are Powerful. Credits to JaefKae’s Mother, Alycia Kamil, the Family, Black Indigenous People, Weed, and Water. May this project rain blessings on all those who listen. 

Download Free Now: Eye Run It by Jaefkae x Abeatchemist art by @nappy9folics @JalenKobayashi @abeatchemist #Jaefkae #Abeatchemist

Audio: Big Lukah – Chickenwire (Review)

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big lukah_chickenwire

Chickenwire is a collection of spirited independent music from South Memphis, Tennessee’s very own Big Lukah. Very honest rhymes and beats in an artistic straight forward manner. From early listens Big Lukah’s, Chickenwire sounds like the current trend of 45 Loops, no drums with 32 Bar rhymes, but closer listening we start to hear the rappers influence and true rhyme skills from the South Memphis made rapper. Over the Cities Aviv production, Big Lukah “I’m from a side that gets no sunshine,” lyrics are the focus on this long player. A very thorough collection of music from the up and coming artist from a name you will all begin to know named Big Lukuh. Good to hear such passion and creativity in a world of awkward mumble noise, true lyrics in a Hip Hop form. Favorite tracks Shooter, Black Powder and Part 2.

Review by ML7102

Available for streaming now at Soundcloud:


1,5,6,8,17 – produced by Lukah, 2,3,4,9,10,11,12,14,15,16 – produced by Cities Aviv, 7 & 13 – produced by Suni Katz Recorded in Memphis, TN Produced by Cities Aviv DOT002 © 2018 Total Works

Album released: 25 May 2018

New Video: FAR EXP – “The Killin'” [prod. by Grussle] (directed by Piff Tannen)

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FAR EXP – “The Killin'” [prod. by Grussle] (directed by Piff Tannen)

First video from the Vol. 1: The Experiment (EP).
The theme is based on a horror flick. A home invasion gone wrong in one man’s home.

FAR EXP is a supergroup of DMV hip hop artists Flex Mathews, Fleetwood DeVille, Ardamus, RNL, and Redhead.



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