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by Various

Beats and Rhymes limited vinyl 7inch release, we make B Boy Hip Hop Music without any additives. This is a limited vinyl only release curated by the Artist on the album and Culture Power45. #CULTUREPOWER45 #WEDONTDODIGITAL

Copyright: © Culture Power45
All rights reserved.
Compiled by Culture Power45
Art by Marcellous Lovelace (75dab)

New Album from: Vortx of Distorsun / Water Turtle Butterfly

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The Collective from Los Angeles has returned with a positive blend of fresh hip hop music in 2015  that makes you want to listen again and again. An album that mixes the best of new school and true school hip hop samples…” and “An album that makes you think of the blues of Sun House to the jazz of Sun Ra over drums, from Clyde Stubblefield mixed by Bob Power.”

South Main Mosaic Artwalk / I AM MAN (RAYGUN81 REMIX) DESIGNED BY Marcellous Lovelace | Installed by BLK75 AND Derrick Weaver

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South Main Mosaic Artwalk is a collection of eight temporary public art installations throughout the South Main neighborhood featuring the works of local artists. This project is funded and coordinated by the Center City Development Corporation, an affiliate board of the Downtown Memphis Commission.

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Fresh: Krs-One – Criminal Minded Practice Sessions

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DJ Kenny Parker dug up some tapes of old KRS-One sessions and shared them on the Frozen Files radio show on EVR. Read more here:

New Review: It’s Nice To Meet You by Fatnice [album out 8/2013]

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Its Nice To Meet You - Fatnice

Artist: Fatnice
Album: It’s Nice To Meet You

This is bigger than a review for us over here at Brothers Perspective Magazine this is an endorsement on behalf of Hip Hop History. Fatnice has blessed us with an advanced copy of the amazing “It’s Nice to Meet You” CD. This is an album that is reminiscent of Mains Sources album Breaking Atoms with a Chicago / Philly vibe throughout. With very jazzy beats and well placed samples all over the joint. Throughout this 16 track epilogue I’d say it’s something similar to a master thesis. Lyrical Fitness is one of the strongest tracks due to the effortless rhyme patterns and ridiculous word play on the song. Deep embraces Fatnice’s eloquent story telling that features Ruby Dee and Mos Def as a part of the Beatsmifs theme. And once you take in Each and Every day and Watercolors which features Charlie K you will be blown away. Now it sounds like I’m just giving my view point, don’t take my word for it; check it out for yourself. Oh we need peace Love, Unity and Having Fun.
Recommendation: GO GET IT
Review by Brothers Perspectivee

fresh music: EXILE by ensilence

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Soul Poetry. A Journey of my inner struggles, dreams, self love/ hate, fear, pain, understanding, braggadocio, humility, relationships and God. Everything that mirrors where I stand, whether in wise tones or ignorance, it is saying here I am …EXILE.


released 01 June 2012
Production credits:

Svendiamond, Yorel Tifsim, Fathom 9, Shade Cobain, Buscrates, Pig Pen, Teflon Dawn, Marcus Banks, TCDubb, Idasa Tariq, Tryf Bindope, Beat Gates, Crooked T, SoulSeeker and Daniel Blume.

Featured Artists:

Yorel Tifsim, Idasa Tariq, Tryf Bindope, Kid A, and Concrete Cee.

I want to thank everyone who has made a contribution to this album, whether musically or inspirational, I deep appreciate it more than words can describe. Thank you once again. Much peace and blessings.

Representing Fresh Air Flavor and BarebakC Records


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