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Mixtape: Underground Feedback Stereo – People Loving They Own Skin Mixed by ML7102 @nas @ShortieNoMas @biglukah @ChildrenOfZeus @JalenKobayashi @TobeNwigwe @ritaj79 @charmlikemagic @e40 @icecube @countbassd @PLAYAFLYM3 @blackthought @krsone @tooshort 

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Underground Feedback Stereo – People Loving They Own Skin Mixed by ML7102

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A Tribe Called Quest – Sucka Nigga
Nas – The Truth
KRS One – Knock Em Out
Count Bass D FEAT. Snoop Dogg – Too Much Pressure
Charm Taylor – Crown
Dr Dre FEAT. Kurupt, PeteRock – Equinox
R.A.P. Ferreria – East Nashville
JaeFkae x Abeatchemist – Capital II
Junior – Mamma Used To Say
Children of Zeus FEAT. Akemi, Georgia Sweet – Balance
Tobe Nwigne FEAT. Black Thought, Royce Da 5’9 – Father Figure
MT. Westmore (Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E40, Too $hort) – Big Subwoofer
Lukah FEAT. Boldy James – Stigmata
Shortie No Mas(s) – Who’s Shortie
Rita J – FreeDom
Andre 3000 – Life Of The Party (Unreleased Version)
Playa Fly – Nobody Needs Nobody

@ritaj79 “Oh So Medicinal” Medicinal Tea & Tincture Site:

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@ritaj79 #repost Hey good people! I have officially launched “Oh So Medicinal” my medicinal tea & tincture website! I make custom herbal teas and plant based medicine. Please visit the site for your needs and support the cause! Love & Light! #healthiswealth #herbalist #ohsomedicinal


Rita Jackson is the creator and herbalist of her own brand Oh So Medicinal, a holistic lifestyle brand featuring herbal teas and tinctures. She customizes unique herbal blends for their beneficial medicinal purposes. Her mission is to empower people to take control of their health, educate and spark interest in choosing to be healthy in mind, body, spirit. Head over to to purchase your teas and tinctures and also stay in touch with ways to live your healthiest life.

Chicago Is Not Just Violent Music: Tragedy into Art?

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Chicago Is Not Just Violent Music: Tragedy into Art

Article by Brothers Perspective Magazine –

What a disgrace how can a people sit back and allow the stupidity in music to fester. Violence in art is totally a waste of a people’s creative ability. What is a Chief Keef and how can this non-sense be perpetrated through the African American Community on a wide scale, when will the people stand up and make the decision to shut down this watered down bubble gum fake gangster rap music. What swindler allows for them to run around and disregard human life just to make money?

Look at the city of Chicago in this day in time; it’s a war zone where children are destroying each other on a wide scale. The greater political leaders in the city are not doing anything to curve the violence based on inner city reports from actual residents. One brother by the name of Dean who lives in Englewood on Chicago’s South Side is quoted saying “this junk has been going on for most of his adult life and I’m 56” Imagine that. He went on to say “these kids are killing each other over poverty and no one wants to deal with the real stuff happening out here on these streets”! We’ve gotten reports like this from most of the West Side and South Side city blocks in Chicago and most of the communities seem to be under some type of aggressive take over by violent gangs in the city.

The total picture of rap music in the city is not totally violent we’ve heard of artist for years from Chicago who have submitted reviews and written articles that seem to have a more positive edge but don’t get the same type of publicity as the racist wealthy media in the city refuses to promote. Chief Keef is just a poison in a city that’s largely populated by African Americans. Other recording artist who may have done twice the work over more years and less YouTube coverage are not getting the same buzz because the “powers that be” are not looking to make sure that constructive musicians are not rewarded the same advantages.

We hope after creating this article designed for online blogs will eventually help to promote more positive, creative and diverse music coming from Chicago like Lupe Fiasco, Common, Rashid Hadee, Capital D, Thaione Davis, Radius, Juice, Mc Adad, Rita J, Kenny Keys, Serengeti, Visual, Amina & Chris Coolout, Longshot, Infinito 2017, Ang 13, Rhymefest, Gilead 7, Riot One, Akbar, All Chi Rock Nation, Ill State, Pugz Atoms, Opus, Rubber Room, Mass Hysteria, Primemeridian , Psalm One, Dee Jackson, Vyle, Qwel, Typical Cats and so many more …

The point to make this article and to present this perspective is to share the views of so many of the cities misrepresented people. Please take the time to learn more about some of the more creative Music Artist in the City of Chicago so we can change the views of the emergent public. No more gun toting music and more thoughtful substance.

K. Asante [Brothers Perspective]

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