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Get No Cash Run Real Fast … U.S.A. Protest the Rules

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Rule made to keep Athletes with out cash – “People see the two weeks when athletes are at their best; it’s the most glorious time of our lives,” athlete Sanya Richards-Ross said. “But they don’t see the three to four years leading up to the Olympic Games when a lot of my peers are struggling to stay in the sport … A lot of my peers have second and third jobs. That’s just unfortunate.”

protest art by Marcellous Lovelace #rule40

What does this mean?
‘Competitor, coach, trainer
or official’
Rule 40 applies to competitors,
coaches, trainers and officials who
are participating in the Games
(‘Participants’). Rule 40 does not
apply to Olympians who have
competed in previous Games
but who are not participating in
the London 2012 Games in any
capacity. Nor does Rule 40 apply
to other accredited people, such as
broadcasters, volunteers or VIPs.
Note that Rule 40 is specific to the
Olympic Games but there is an
equivalent rule for the Paralympic
Games. The rules are however
distinct and apply for different
periods, therefore Olympians
are not subject to the restrictions
during the Paralympic Games after
the Olympic Games Period has
ended, and Paralympians are not
subject to the restrictions during
the Olympic Games Period.
‘Person, name, picture or sports
Any reference to the Participant,
whether by their personal
appearance, use of their image (or
any representation of such image,
whether two or three dimensional),
name or sports performance
(including performance at the
Games and recent historical
performance), in advertising will
fall within the scope of Rule 40.
‘Advertising purposes’
‘Advertising purposes’
encompasses all forms of
commercial promotion, including
(but not limited to):
––Traditional advertising in
paid-for space, including press
adverts, billboards, television
and radio adverts and online
––Direct mail advertising
(electronically or by post);
––PR, including personal
appearances and press releases;
––On-product promotions and
––In-store promotions; and
––Corporate websites, social
networking sites, blogs and
viral adverts.
‘Games Period’
For the London 2012 Olympic
Games, Rule 40 will apply from
18 July 2012 until three days after
the Closing Ceremony for the
Games – 15 August 2012.
In relation to all advertising in the
UK, LOCOG will implement Rule
40: it will grant consents, whether
to London 2012 Partners or Non-
London 2012 Partners, and will
consider whether or not deemed
consents are being appropriately
exercised. LOCOG will consult
with the BOA wherever Team GB
athletes are used.
If an Overseas Participant is
featured in a UK advert, in
addition to LOCOG’s consent
(whether express or deemed), the
express consent of the NOC of
that Overseas Participant will also
be required.
Where advertising is to be used
globally by London 2012 Partners
(by TOP Partners), the IOC will be
responsible for granting consent.
The BOA and LOCOG will be
consulted in instances where that
advertising is to take place in
the UK.

rule 40 guidelines:

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