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Chicago Art: Englewood Artist Documents Growing Up on the South Side By @pugzatomz @wttw #chicago @pbs

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In his first solo show, “Mookie on the Southside,” artist Pugs Atomz illustrates what it’s like growing up on the South Side through paintings and sculptures. #ChicagoTonightWTTW #WTTWNews


As concerns remain about the Obama Presidential Center potentially displacing South Siders, an Englewood artist is making sure the neighborhood remains intact even if it’s just through the documentation of memories.  

Artist Pugs Atomz’s first solo show pays tribute to growing up on the South Side and is on display at Connect Gallery in Hyde Park.

“When you first walk in to the exhibit, it’s like a small homage to Dr. Wax, which was an institutional record store for independent artists because the people there would tell you what you needed to buy,” said Atomz.

Promontory Point. An old bus card. A mini arcade. These are just a few of the items visitors see when entering “Mookie on the Southside.”

“‘Mookie on the South Side’ is a love letter to the South Side. Talking about what did we wear, where did we go, what did we read, who did we talk to,” Atomz said. “If you look at the imagery, you understand what the South Side is. … (People) instantly connect and get this feeling of warmth. That’s why I said it’s a love letter type thing of what it felt and feels like. The togetherness and unity of it.” more –

Cos-G – I Hate Mixtapes​!​!

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Digital Album

I Hate Mixtapes is an unmixtape collection of new and some classic material by Cos-G. All original music it have a classic boom bap Golden era Hip Hop feel. Production by Kenny Keys, Mighty Joe Young, 5th Element, & Thaione Davis.
This is an album for the people. So people here it is ENJOY!!

released 11 April 2012
Kenny Keys produced tracks: 1,2,3,4,10,12
Thaione Davis produced tracks: 5 & 7
5th Element produced tracks: 9 & 11
Mighty Joe Young produced tracks: 8 & 13
Cos-G: Rhymes (unless noted)
Thaione Davis: Engineer @ Thunderground
Kenny Keys: Engineer @ The Carter
ADaD: Engineer @ the Soul Shack

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