BROTHERS PERSPECTIVE REVIEW – Radius: Time Travel Is Real (A Prelude To Japan​.​.​.​)

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a3632691143_2Thoughtful eloquence is a great way to describe “Time Travel Is Real (A Prelude To Japan​.​.​.​)” by Chicago producer Radius. A prelude to Japan is the landscape to envision yourself in as you listen to this fresh Afro-futuristic flavor. Radius has carefully taken a mix of soul, jazz and dance into playful drum patterns. Melanin Starburst  is my favorite cut so far because it reminds me of my trips from Ghana to Tokyo over night stopping in Paris for a brief few hours, I’d have to even add that I hear some Sun Ra inspiration in here (ohh and listen for the change ups). All seven tracks have range balance and fresh elements of vocal samples throughout. Radius is on our radar look out for him and support this album.

– Abdul Ra (BP)

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