Stop Evil Racist by Not Giving them Power: Free Mario Balotelli


Free Mario Balotelli and Marcus Smart! One day our folks will not only carry similar complexions but carry out similar (mental capacity) responses to evil. If you want to have fun, do it minus an oppressor watching or judging your every move! Love your self and your kind!

Don’t run up and down fields, courts and yards only to be called negative racial slurs. Stop playing for these evil monsters and adopt your own leagues. Create from your own talent and share in the wealth for your own people!

Imagine how much internal wealth the African Indigenous world community could generate if they all created their own Negro Leagues in this day in time! Just think about how much economic power The African / Black / Colored world can have if they removed themselves from the White Powered Prison Industrial System of Slavery.

No matter where you go in the world its an act of racism towards  The African / Black / Colored labeled entertainer. Look on all your TV  stations and see how much of the general wealth that’s being gained by advertising Black People but look in the Black neighborhoods worldwide and the people seem to be in poverty. Looks like its time for a wake up call and a change of the self governing body of self! The key to self development is to not only look the same but to think the same without any outside influence!

oh and they FIRED PISTONS COACH Maurice Cheeks … another unemployed brother!!!

Brothers Perspective


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