Out The Darkness (feat. Thaione Davis) | Believe In Gods’Illa | #GodsIlla #thaionedavis

Out The Darkness (feat. Thaione Davis) | Believe In Gods’Illa Album | #GodsIlla #thaionedavis

Gods’Illa returns to the forefront with their highly anticipated Believe In Gods’Illa LP. Following up their critically-acclaimed CPR BlendTape hosted by Erykah Badu, the trio resurfaces with a 16-track album that not only picks up where they left off with gritty, in-your-face boom bap beats and thoughtful lyrics but also brings the listener up to speed on what the 3 brothers have been doing since their last release. The album features appearances by Stic Man of Dead Prez, J. Ivy (Kanye West “Never Let Me Down”), Laz (of Clear Soul Forces), yU (of Diamond District) & more. Most production is handled by in-house producer Joe.D (“Glaciers”, “Saviours & Punishers”) with additional production by Praise.

Gods’Illa, a hip-hop group consisting of 3 actual brothers Acem, Truth & Powerful, has stepped on to the scene to provide the masses with a sound that shifts the paradigm and brings the focus of the music back to the experiences of everyday people. The name Gods’Illa (“God Is Illa”) embodies not only the group’s culture but also the scale of music they create in comparison to the competition. In summer 2009, Gods’Illa released The PreLease EP, to serve as an introduction to the group’s sound and provide a glimpse of what to expect from the debut album. The PreLease was received to much fanfare including nods from legendary DJ/Producer DJ Scratch and 9th Wonder. The EP was also reviewed by OkayPlayer in addition to numerous other web and blog sites. Following The PreLease was their self-titled debut album (March 2010) and finally the CPR BlendTape hosted by Erykah Badu.


released 02 June 2015


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