De La Soul’s “And the Anonymous Nobody” will be released in April 2016.



Earlier this year, De La Soul launched a Kickstarter with the intent of crowd-funding their next album. The campaign was a huge success, beating their goal of $110,000 with a whopping $600,000 in fan donations. The record, titled And the Anonymous Nobody, was originally given a September release date but had since been delayed indefinitely. Now the illustrious New York trio have pushed the release date well into next year, announcing thatAnd the Anonymous Nobody will be released on April 26, 2016.

Addressing the delay and the new release date, the group shared a statement on its Kickstarter page:

“Releasing a record independently has been a real undertaking. In addition to artistic satisfaction, the administrative and executive end had to feel right as well. Side artist clearances and appropriating the best distribution for this project has been just as important. With negotiations complete, we are now working on the plan for our awaited release. Thank you all for your patience.”

They also announced that they will release a track called “Train Wreck” in December, and that the album’s first single, “Pain,” featuring Snoop Dogg, will be out in February or March.

In September, the group revealed that the album will include features from 2 Chainz, David Byrne, Pete Rock, Damon Albarn, and more. And the Anonymous Nobody will be De La Soul’s first album in 11 years.



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